So you would like to see what is on that island in Sebago Lake. A visit to Frye Island starts with a ride on a ferry. You catch the ferry at the end of Raymond Cape. The ferry leaves the mainland terminal based on a published schedule. The ferry holds 9-12 cars and the ride takes about 7 minutes.

Mainland Ferry Terminal

Frye Island Ferry 

As you exit the ferry at the Island ferry terminal, the large building on the left is the Administration Building. The Town Hall offices are on the second floor. You can get a fishing license, purchase a map of the Island, and do all of the other functions of a town hall. The small building on the right is the Old Fire Barn. The left side holds one of the Frye Island fire trucks. The right side is the Frye Island Post Office facility.

Administration Building

Old Fire Barn

The first floor of the Administration Building is the home of Frye's Leap Cafe and Store. The store is a wonderful source of groceries, gifts and goodies. There is an an ice cream counter on the porch. The cafe provides dining on the porch, inside the building and on the water. Boaters on Sebago Lake have found the services of Frye's Leap Cafe and Store very popular since there is good boat docking facilities.

On the Water Dining

Frye's Leap Cafe Boat Docks

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Posted: 03/11/2010