Town of Frye Island
Town Meeting Warrant
Saturday, July 6, 2002

Meeting called to order by Town Clerk Conrad Theberge

Warrant Article #1.  To choose a moderator to preside at said meeting.

Warrant Article #2.  To vote by written ballot to elect a person to a three-year term to the Board of Selectmen. The following person has asked to be placed in nomination and the floor is now open for nominations:

James Kuiken


Warrant Article #3.  To approve the Frye Island Comprehensive Plan as recommended by the Frye Island Planning Board, having been approved for consistency by the State Planning Office and the Greater Portland Council of Governments.

Warrant Article #4.  To approve the transfer of $24,069.20 from the Fund Balance to the Island Improvement Reserve Account.

Warrant Article #5.  Shall the Frye Island Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, Resource Protection District, be amended by adopting the following language, as recommended by the Frye Island Planning Board.

In order to permit the construction of a single family dwelling in the Resource Protection District of the Shoreland Zone, this article adopts the State Shoreland Model Ordinance wording, found in Paragraph 16.E., Special Exception, of “Chapter 1000: Guidelines for Municipal Shoreland Zoning Ordinances”, as amended by the Planning Board.

Insert into Chapter 102 as ¶ K of § 102–16. as follows:

Special Exceptions.  The Planning Board may approve a permit for a single family residential structure in a Resource Protection District provided that the applicant demonstrates that all of the following conditions are met:

(1) There is no location on the property, other than a location within the Resource Protection District, where the structure can be built.

(2) The lot on which the structure is proposed is undeveloped and was established and recorded in the registry of deeds of the county in which the lot is located before the adoption of the Resource Protection District.

(3) The proposed location of all buildings, sewage disposal systems and other improvements are:

(a) Located on natural ground slopes of less than 20%; and

(b) All buildings, including basements, are elevated at least one foot above the 100-year floodplain elevation; and the development is otherwise in compliance with any applicable municipal floodplain ordinance.

(4) The total ground-floor area of all principal and accessory structures is limited to a maximum of 1,500 square feet.

(5) All structures, except functionally water-dependent structures, are set back from the normal high-water line or upland edge of a wetland to the greatest practical extent, but not less than 100 feet.  In determining the greatest practical extent, the planning board shall consider the depth of the lot, the slope of the land, the potential for soil erosion, the type and amount of vegetation to be removed, the proposed building site's elevation in regard to the floodplain, and its proximity to moderate-value and high-value wetlands.

In addition, in the Table of Land Uses in the Frye Island Chapter 102, change the entry in the RP column of line 13 A from “NO” to “PB*”, where * is a unique footnote number containing the statement: “Single family residential structures may be allowed by special exception only according to the provisions of § 102–16, ¶ K, Special Exceptions.”

To adjourn the Town Meeting

Respectfully Submitted,

The Municipal Officers of the Town of Frye Island

James Kuiken

John Crosby

Robert Roberts

Dated at Frye Island: June 23, 2002

A True Copy of the Warrant, attest:

Conrad Theberge, Town Clerk, Town of Frye Island