July 3, 1999

The location of the meeting was the Community Center at Frye Island Maine.

 Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 8:25 A. M.

 Joseph Potts made a motion to suspend the Town Meeting until the conclusion of Frye Island Inc. Annual Meeting.  James Kuiken second the motion.  The votes cast for suspension were 12 in favor and 1 opposed.  Motion passed.

Article 1. To choose a moderator to preside at said meeting.  Town Clerk opened the floor for nominations for Moderator.  Mark Thomas was nominated from the floor.  James Kuiken made a motion to close nominations and William Imlach second the motion. Motion passed unanimously.  The residents voted in favor of Mark Thomas for moderator.  Mark Thomas was sworn in as Moderator by the Town Clerk.
Article 2 To vote to allow members of Boards and Committees created by the Town of Frye Island to participate in the discussion at Town Meetings.  Herman Faulk made the motion and William Imlach second the motion.  The Town residents voted unanimously in favor of article two.
Article 3. To vote by written ballot to elect a person to a three-year term to the Board of Selectmen.  Nominations were accepted from the floor.  Laura Crosby and James Kuiken were nominated from the floor.  Nominations were closed.  Laura Crosby received 8 votes and James Kuiken received 14 votes.  James Kuiken was elected to the Board of Selectmen.
Article 4. To vote to adopt the amended ARTICLE IX-Board of Appeals of the Frye Island Land Use Ordinance to bring the Ordinance up to current state statutes.  Ernest Wryesinsky made this motion and John Crosby second the motion.  Town residents voted unanimously in favor of this article.
Article 5.

To vote to adopt the amended Chapter 102, Section 102-16, Town of Frye Island Shoreland Zoning, add new paragraph. 

 The board of Appeals shall schedule meetings approximately once a month between April 30, and Columbus Day and the Board shall not be required to hold a meeting or hearing otherwise.  The Board shall no be required to hold a meeting if no appeals are pending.  Ernest Wryesinsky made the motion and John Crosby second this motion.  The residents voted in favor of this article.
Article 6. To see if the Town, pursuant to 23 MRSA 3025, will vote to accept the dedication made by Frye Island, Inc. of an easement interest in a trip of land bounded and described as follows: all roads on Frye Island as the exist on July 3, 1999 and as they are designated on the Official E-911 map, and to accept and establish a public easement on said strip of land.  James Kuiken made the motion and Ernest Wryzesinsky second the motion.  The residents passed this article.

Ernest Wryzesinsky made motion to adjourn and James Kuiken second this motion.  Most passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge
Town Clerk

[original Warrant Articles are also available online]