February 28, 1998

The location of the meeting was the Charlie Beigg’s Function Center, North Windham, Maine.

The meeting was called to order at 10:20 a.m. by Mary Chapman, Standish Town Clerk, with 16 registered voters in attendance.

Registered Voters Attendees
Andrew Broaddus
Nancy Buxton
Susan Buxton
Richard Buxton
Beverly Clark
Watson Clark
Mary Deming
Robert Deming
Robert Fogg
Kathleen Huchthausen
David Lowe
John Myatt
Joseph Potts
Kathleen Potts
Oleg Svetlichny
Gregory Tedford
John Donovan
Dick Norden
Jim Reali
Deborah Reali
Frank Limauro
Rebecca Limauro
Peter Huchthausen
Larry Levesque
Charles Arey
Ginette Arey
Bobbie Randall
Carol Fogg
Howard Stiles
Jackie Ellis

Attendees also included the Island General Manager, Vic Richards; State Representative Adam Mack; and Standish Town Clerk, Mary Chapman.

Article 1: To choose a moderator to preside at said meeting

Joseph Potts was elected by written ballot.

Article 2: To elect a Town Clerk to serve until July 3, 1998

Kathleen Potts was elected by written ballot.

Article 3: To vote by ballot on the following: "Elect selectmen for five positions to serve until the first Town Meeting of the town of Frye Island, July 3, 1998"

In order to be in compliance with MRSA Title 30A, as directed by Standish Town Clerk, Mary Chapman, nominations for the five Selectman positions were taken from the floor and Absentee Ballots were not counted. Each Selectman received a majority vote by written ballot as follows:

1) Fogg (13), Wrzesinsky (2), Tedford (1)
2) Tedford (12), Wrzesinsky (4)
3) Potts (12), Svetlichny (3), Lowe (1)
4) Svetlichny (10), Lowe (6)
5) Lowe (14), Wrzesinsky (2)

Photo of Initial Selectmen

Included in photo (from left to right): Maine Representative Adam Mack, Selectmen Oleg Svetlichny, Joe Potts, Greg Tedford, Dave Lowe, and Bob Fogg

Article 4: To vote to adopt the current Town of Standish Zoning and Land Use Ordinances as the Zoning and Land Use Ordinances for the Town of Frye Island

The article passed by a show of hands: 12 votes to adopt, 4 opposed.

The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m. Immediately following the meeting, all selectmen were sworn into office. It was announced that the first Selectmen’s Meeting is scheduled for March 14, 1998, at Charlie Beigg’s Restaurant in North Windham, Maine.

Respectfully Submitted
Kathleen A. Potts, Clerk

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