Location: Frye Island Community Center

October 7, 2006



  1. Registration & Coffee                                                                    8:15 AM
    1. Stockholders of Frye Island Incorporated
    2. Members of the Board of Island Trustees
    3. Voters of the Town of Frye Island
  2. Town of Frye Island October Meeting                                           9:00 AM
    1. Meeting called to order by Town Clerk Wayne Fournier
    2. Warrant Article #1. To vote by written ballot to choose a
      moderator to preside at said meeting.
    3. Motion.  To adopt the following procedures for this meeting

      1.        Utilize the Maine Moderator's Manual in the conduct of business,

      2.        Follow the guidelines established by MMA for Town Meetings & Elections,

      3.        Incorporate the vote of the Board of Island Trustees into the Town Meeting
        flow of business when appropriate, and

      4.        Limit the discussion of any person to no more than 3 minutes per issue.

      5.        Allow Board members and Town officials to speak at the meeting.

    4. Recess Town meeting
  3. Frye Island Incorporated (FII) Stockholders Meeting
    1. Meeting called to order by President Joseph Potts
    2. Report of Revised FII By-Laws effective January 1, 2007

      1.        Change to a Single Stockholders' Meeting on Labor Day weekend

      2.        Increase the majority needed for approval of Board motions

    3. Presentation and Approval of 2007 Annual Budget
    4. Adjourn Meeting
  4. Town of Frye Island October Meeting resumes
    1. Meeting called back to order by Town Clerk by Wayne Fournier

                   See Town Warrant for details of Warrant Articles #2 - #14.
    2. Adjourn Meeting