Frye Island Meeting Schedule

July 1, 2006 Community Center


            I.      8:30 AM      Registration

                                                Frye Island Stockholders (one vote per lot)

                                                Town Board of Island Trustees (one or two votes per cottage)


           II.      9:00 AM      Frye Island Incorporated Stockholders Meeting

                                                See agenda below for details of meeting items


         III.              *           Town of Frye Island Board of Island Trustees Meeting

                                                *  begins immediately after FII Stockholders Meeting

                                                See Warrant for details of meeting items





Frye Island Incorporated Stockholders Meeting Agenda

Community Center July 1, 2006,  9:00 AM

1.     Call Meeting to Order  by President Joseph Potts

2.     2005 Financial Report Income/Expense Statement & Balance Sheet

3.     Report on Proposed By-Law Change Change to One Meeting in the Fall

4.     Report on Results of Survey Sent to Stockholders in May by Richard Norris

5.     Election of People to FII Board of Directors

a.      Self Nominations Received by the General Manager

b.     Nominations from the floor

c.      Personal Statements from Nominees

d.     Casting of Ballots by FII Stockholders

6.     Recess Stockholders Meeting to Allow Ballot Counting  

7.     Reconvene Stockholders Meeting to Announce Election Results

8.     Adjourn Stockholders Meeting