The Town of Frye Island Grand List has an effective date of April 1; the Town Assessor will be able to use the following open season for the Island to finalize the entries in that Grand List. The April 1 Grand List is used to determine the taxes for the following year. For example, the April 1, 1999 Grand List is used to produce tax bills in November, 1999 with a tax due date of December 31, 1999. Any change in ownership that occurs after the April 1 date will be recorded on the Grand List the following year.

There is a well defined procedure to follow if a tax payer feels that the assessment for his/her property is incorrect. This procedure is defined a State of Maine Property Tax Abatement Bulletin. The application form to use to apply for a Property Tax Abatement is also online.

The Grand List for the Town of Frye Island is available in two formats:

  1. Web page format that can be viewed using a standard Internet browser (e.g., MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator); beginning in 2004 the web page format uses the Adobe PDF format.

  2. Spreadsheet format that can be viewed using Microsoft Excel. Using this option is a two step procedure. First, download the file by clicking a hyperlink below. Second, open the downloaded file on your computer using Microsoft Excel (Office 97 version or later). See note 3 below if you have problems downloading file.

Grand List for Year 2014 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2014 and due Dec 31, 2014):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 402K)  or MS Excel Format (size 76K)

Grand List for Year 2012 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2012 and due Dec 31, 2012):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 402K)  or MS Excel Format (size 76K)

Grand List for Year 2011 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2011 and due Dec 31, 2011):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 81K)  or MS Excel Format (size 75K)

Grand List for Year 2010 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2010 and due Dec 31, 2010):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 250K)  or MS Excel Format (size 146K)

Grand List for Year 2009 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2009 and due Dec 31, 2009):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 117K)  or MS Excel Format (size 149K)

Grand List for Year 2008 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2008 and due Dec 31, 2008):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 149K)  or MS Excel Format (size 157K)

Grand List for Year 2007 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2007 and due Dec 31, 2007):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 84K)  or MS Excel Format (size 135K)

Grand List for Year 2006 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2006 and due Dec 31, 2006):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 76K)  or MS Excel Format (size 132K)

Grand List for Year 2005 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2005 and due Dec 31, 2005):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 81K)  or MS Excel Format (size 137K)

Grand List for Year 2004 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2004 and due Dec 31, 2004):

Web Page (PDF) Format (size 75K)  or MS Excel Format (size 115K)

Grand List for Year 2003 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2003 and due Dec 31, 2003):

Web Page Format (size 1780K)  or MS Excel Format (size 121K)  Final Version

Grand List for Year 2002 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2002 and due Dec 31, 2002):

Web Page Format (size 1596K)  or MS Excel Format (size 130K)

Grand List for Year 2001 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2001 and due Dec 31, 2001):

Web Page Format (size 5088K)  or MS Excel Format (size 177K)

Grand List for Year 2000 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 2000 and due Dec 31, 2000):

Web Page Format (size 1051K)  or MS Excel Format (size 138K)

Grand List for Year 1999 (effecting tax bills produced Nov 1999 and due Dec 31, 1999):

Web Page Format (size 2906K)  or MS Excel Format (size 108K)

General Notes:

  1. The Island has been divided into three tax areas: Map 60, Map 61 and Map 62. These three maps relate to the northern, central and southern portions of Frye Island respectively.
  2. Most of the Island land that is owned by Frye Island Incorporated is taxed as bulk land. There is one lot in each Map area (i.e., lots #1, #224 and #1301) that indicates the assessed value of the bulk land. There are a few other lots that Frye Island Incorporated has acquired as individual lots, and the assessed value for those lots are shown on each individual lot.
  3. If the MS Excel Format option does not work when you click the above link, try right-clicking the mouse and select the "Save Link as.." option (Netscape Navigator) or "Save Target as..." option (Microsoft IE). You should be able to then download the file to your computer.
  4. Because of the size of some of the files, it will take several minutes on a slow data line to download. Depending on the browser you are using you will either get a view of the document as it is being down loaded or you will have to wait for the entire document to be downloaded before viewing. Remember - patience is a virtue.


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Posted: 06/19/2013