September 11, 1999

The location of the meeting was the Administration Office, 1 Sunset Road, Frye Island Maine.

Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:12 P. M.

Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, Joseph Potts, Oleg Svetlichny and Victor Richards Town Manager

Executive Committee Members:  Pat Karpacz, Richard Giggey, John Crosby and Mark Thomas.

Attendees:      Kathleen Potts, James O’Connor, Ernie Wresinsky, Lorraine Wresinsky, Paul Bourque, Ruth Bourque, Donald Nolen and Steve Comley

YEAR 2000 Budget Preparation meeting

John Crosby made a motion to recognize the public and have them participate in the discussion of the year 2000 budget.  Richard Giggey second the motion.  Motion passed.

Presentation of the year 2000 budget to the public was discussed.  The decision from the discussion was to present the budget in one page format for ease to the public. 

Review of Income and Expense items in revised Draft Town Budget:

            Raising Ferry Revenue to 175,000 increase of 11000

Permit fees to increase to pay for CEO’s time (15.00 per thousand for a building permit).  Thirty-one permits issued in 1999 of which 24 of them from 25.00 to 700.00.

Discussion on cost of dumpsters—the Town should recover the cost for demolition debris etc.  Charge for pickup trucks and construction vehicles a fee for dumping this debris at the brush dump.  One suggestion is to have the operating hours dedicated to receiving this material at the brush dump to ½ day on Friday and ½ day on Saturday.  Also suggested to have an CEO fee and add $50.00 Septic Tests.

To increase the budget for excise tax receipts to 7000.

To have a walkway to the Administration Office (ADA accessible)

Local road assistance grant—Budget 15,000.00 in Revenue and $15,000.00 in expenses.

Islanders to pay $200.00 per emergency (ambulance service)

Increase ferry tickets by $1.00 and this dollar total to go to the Ferry Reserves, $15,000.00.

Printing the town report could be done for less cost.  The law states that we need to have available the town reports for any person that wants it.  A suggestion to make the town report available on the Internet to cut costs of production.

Joseph Potts made a motion to increase lease by $5,300.00.  A vote was taken and 2 selectmen voted in favor, 3 BIT members voted in favor, 1 BIT member voted against and 1 Selectmen abstained.  This motion didn’t have a second. 

Mark Thomas made a motion to increase the taxes by land value of $5,300.00.  James Kuiken second the motion.  Motion passed

Garden Club Project for lights etc at the Community Center.  The amount appears as donations on the proposed budget before this committee.  The amount being discussed is $3,500.00 and the suggestion the title should be changed from donations to another term.

Mark Thomas indicated that next year the Golf Course would be asking for money since we contribute to other recreations on the island then they need to improve the course facility.

The islanders have asked for increased law enforcement.  They would like to have additional officer on duty.  They would like to have the laws enforced and more hours’ exposure.

Review of Five-Year Capital Plan – Water system was discussed and that we should have a Net Present Value presented to the town for adoption. 

Oleg Svetlichny made a motion to adjourn and James Kuiken second the motion.  Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 6:24PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge
Town Clerk