MAY 01, 1999

The location of the meeting was the Community Center at Frye Island Maine.

Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 4:10 P. M.

Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, Joseph Potts, and Victor Richards Town Manager

Attendees:      Kathleen Potts, James O’Connor, Donald Nolen and Mark Thomas.

Minutes:         Motion to accept March 05, 1999 minutes was made by James Kuiken. Joseph Potts second the motion.  Motion carried.

Petitions and Communications:

Manager’s report

                        Ferry—Divers check the hulls, rudders and nuts.  These divers welded on new Zinc plates under the water line to replace the plates which were worn out.  For the week that we have been open we have had sales of $7,182.00.

                        Public Works—Even though we advertised for 3 weeks we are short two people for the Department.  John should be back next week and Roger will work on Sundays and every other Saturday.  We have already filled up the dumpster with building debris, mattresses, etc.

                        Administration—We have already registered 25 boats—we ran out of licenses and are waiting for the State to send us more.  We have sold two dozen fishing licenses.  We have registered 6 cars, 8 boat trailers, a snow mobile, and two dogs.  We expect to have two marriages on the Island this summer.

                        We purchased a new copier—we budgeted for theis purchase.  We received two bids and ended up with a $5,000.00 copier for $2,400.00

                         The Code Enforcement Officer was out straight on Thursday from 9 until 2:30.  Activity on the Island has started out at the pace of last fall.

                        Recreation—We are adding two new bookcases to the Library—a carryover request from last year.

                         We budgeted for work on the bathrooms at the Community Center.  I plan on getting bids on remodeling each bathroom to meet ADA standards.

                        Security—We will be receiving our contract with the Sheriff’s Department.  Two deputies have been assigned to the Island.  I don’t know yet if they will stay on the Island or not.

                        Grants—Steve Persson filed and received a $1,500.00 equipment grant for the Fire Department.

I am filing a FEMA grant for mitigation work on the Beach 6 culvert.  I hope to receive $6,000.00 in FEMA money for replacement of gravel from last October’s rain storm.

PUBLIC HEARINGS:   Renewal application for beano license: Frye Island Inc. presenting the renewal application. Joseph Potts made the motion to accept the application and James Kuiken second this motion. Motion carried.


 NEW BUSINESS:             Brian Hogan tanker fire truck

                                    Brian wrote a letter April 5, 1999 to establish acceptance of the tanker truck.  We would also agree to never sell or convey this fire truck to anyone without his approval.  Frye Island further agrees to maintain this apparatus for an indefinite period of time.

Motion was made by Joseph Potts and second by James Kuiken.  Unanimous.

Acceptance of seven thousand dollar donation for the concrete floor for the fire barn.  Joseph Potts made the motion to accept the donation and James Kuiken second.  Vote was unanimous for acceptance.

Motion to spend (2,500.00) from the fire reserves.  The money to be used for the completion of the office area, and installation of bathroom facilities.  Joseph Potts made the motion and James Kuiken second the motion.    Voted to accept the expenditure.

 Establish names for each of the roads leading to the beaches.  These names would be Beach one Road, Beach Two Road etc to Beach 13 Road.  In addition to name a road Playground Lane.  After discussion, it was decided to refer this matter to the Fire Chief for approval. 

Purchasing a digital camera—motion was made to spend up to (1,000.00) one thousand dollars out of the equipment reserve account.  Joseph Potts made the motion and James Kuiken second the motion.  Motion carried.

Motion to recess the meeting to May 5, 1999 at 3:00PM to sign the agreement with the state for establishing new car registrations.  Motion made by James Kuiken and second by Joseph Potts.  Motion carried.

May 5, 1999 Joseph Potts made the motion to adjourn meeting at 3:18PM.  James Kuiken second the motion.  Unanimous vote to adjourn.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:            Selectmen’s meeting dates:

                                                June 12, 1999
July 10, 1999
August 21, 1999
    Meeting times are at 4:00PM

                                                July 3, 1999 Town Meeting starting at 9:00 am

Joseph Potts made the motion for establishing these meeting dates and times.  Jimmy Kuiken second the motion and the motion unanimous 

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge
Town Clerk