MARCH 29, 2007


The location of the meeting was Brian Walker residence, Standish, ME


The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by John Nun


SELECTMEN:  John Nun, Brian Walker, Grace Morin


BIT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Bruce Nisula, Joe Potts,

                                                          John Nun, Brian Walker, Grace Morin


TOWN MANAGER:  Wayne Fournier


TREASURER:  Carl Hommel


PUBLIC:  Marge Hommel, Carl Hommel, Jr, Tim McCarthy


All present participated via telephone conference. 





There were no petitions from the public.





There was no new business.






John Nun explained the reason for this meeting was to clear up problems created by the BOS at the BOS/BIT Executive Board meeting on 17 February 2007. 


            - Background.  In 2006 the Board had considered combining the Town Treasurer and Bookkeeper positions into a single position and hiring an individual capable of performing both positions.  The Town Manager advertised for the position but got no acceptable responses.  In the meantime, John Nun had second thoughts about combining the positions:  1)  Potentially a serious conflict of interest between the two jobs and probable impact to the town during an audit;  2)  Difficulty of finding a person that would be qualified to take over both positions; and  3)  Difficulties that would likely be encountered in training a new individual to take over the duties currently performed by Calvin – our finances are very different than most municipalities, especially with the varied enterprise operations, and operation of the TRIO accounting system is very complex.  At the 17 February meeting the BOS made two serious mistakes:


            -  Mistake #1.  A MOTION was made and passed to appoint a new Town Treasurer with expanded responsibilities, within the scope of the responsibilities outlined by the Treasurer’s Manual but well beyond those currently performed.  The BOS did not have the authority, in accordance with the Town Charter to appoint a new Treasurer, in effect removing the current Treasurer before the end of his term of office, without notice, a public hearing, and for cause.


            -  Mistake #2.  The MOTION was made and passed during the time the Board was in Executive Session to discuss sensitive personnel issues related to the same issue.  The BOS did not have the authority, in accordance with MRSA 1 Paragraph 405 (6) (A), to act on a MOTION while in Executive Session.


In the discussion that followed Carl Hommel suggested and it was agreed that Mistake #2 cancelled Mistake #1 and that no action could be taken on the MOTION made during that Executive Session.  Therefore, there could be no appointment of a new Treasurer and no removal of the current Treasurer.  John Nun, as the First Selectman, admitted personal responsibility for the mistakes and apologized to Carl Hommel and Joe Potts for the personal inconveniences that surely occurred.  The Board agreed to properly take up the issue at the summer meeting where all appointments for the next year will be considered.


Wayne reported that Dave Bond was looking into possible funding from a discretionary ferry boat program; that he had volunteered to look into it further.


Wayne reported that Oleg Svetligny had passed on to him that the SAD-6 school budget for 2008 was recommended to increase 4.91% and the state assessment will increase on the order of 20%.  With this combination we can expect significant increase in school taxes.


MOTION to adjourn at 7:16 PM made by John Nun and seconded by Grace Morin  – UNANIMOUS.


Respectfully submitted,

John B. Nun