OCTOBER 20, 2006


The location of the meeting was the Town Office, Town of Frye Island


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by James Kuiken


SELECTMEN:  James Kuiken, John Nun, Brian Walker by teleconference.


BIT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Bruce Nisula, Joe Potts, Debbie Anthony, Bob Miner absent, James Kuiken, John Nun, Brian Walker


TOWN MANAGER:  Wayne Fournier


TREASURER:  Carl Hommel – absent


Petitions from the Public





Ferry Ramp Repairs:


Wayne reported that the pull-down winch was in and installation should start 23 October.  Sheaves installation would also start 23 October.  There was considerable discussion over the status and recommendations for repairs of the gantries.  In addition clips on the beam were breaking loose and would have to be replaced.  Finally, a gusset would have to be added on the island side at an approximate cost of $10K.  There was a bid from Bancroft of $54K to do the work.  It was noted that previous work by Bancroft exhibited poor quality.  Roger Gagnon indicated that work could be done for approximately $30-35K.  Wayne to put out an RFP for bids to accomplish the work.  Concern was starting work as soon as the island shut down, right after 22 October in order to take advantage of low waters estimated by SAPPI.


Water System Model:


A contract has been signed for $14.8K to perform the modeling required prior to initiation of major work on the water system upgrade.


Toomey Appeal:


No news to report


Frye Island vs. State of Maine Update:


Wayne reported that no date has been set for arguments.


Town Office


Wayne reported that the town office had been moved to the winter location, that phones were still out but should be in by 23 October.




Election of Officers


Jim Kuiken nominated Brian Walker as Head Selectman; Brian declined the nomination.  Brian Walker nominated John Nun as Head Selectman, Jim Kuiken seconded – Unanimous.   John Nun agreed to also be the Committee Secretary .


Joe Potts nominated Bruce Nisula as Head of the Executive Committee; Jim O’Conner seconded – Unanimous.


Jim Kuiken announced that he was resigning as Selectman effective this meeting.  He agreed to chair the remainder of this meeting and to act as Secretary for this meeting. 


Wayne will provide town charter guidance and a list of eligible persons to fill the now empty position to the Selectmen so they can appoint a temporary replacement until the position can be filled at the next town election.


Long Beach Marina Dredging


Dredging 4 years ago was done under DEP Permit by Rule.  That has now expired and the town must go through a full permitting process.  A meeting will have to be held with DEP to see the requirements; no date or place has been set yet.  Del Wescott has told Wayne that he is willing to do the dredging on a Time and Materials cost basis next spring.


Winter Meeting Schedule


The following meeting dates were established, Wayne to set up agenda and teleconference:


14 December 2006 7:00 PM

17 February 2007    9:00 AM

Other TBD if required


Complimentary Ferry Tickets for Board Members


The current policy is to issue, as remuneration for services provided, 2 tickets per meeting attended to Selectmen/BIT Executive Committee and FII Board members and 1 ticket per meeting attended to members of the Planning Board and Board of Appeals.


Bruce Nisula recommended doing away with the policy.  Joe Potts recommended keeping the current policy.  John Nun agreed to draft a policy prior to the 14 December meeting.




Meeting Minutes


MOTION by Jim Kuiken, seconded by Debbie Anthony to approve the minutes of meetings held on 23 and 30 September 2006 and the Town meeting on 7 October 2006 – Unanimous.



September Financials


Due to early shutdown of the town systems for movement, Wayne did not have September financials.  Joe Potts requested that Wayne present September, October and November financials, by month at the December meeting so we can understand cash flow implications.


Wayne reported that the town had rolled over 3 Merrill Lynch investments of $99K each; that 3 more would be eligible for rollover in April 2007.  Rolled over investments were locked for 2 years to maintain a 5% rate.


Wayne will be meeting with the Gorham Savings Bank on 1 Nov.


Joe Potts pointed out that a profit of $115K in the auditor’s report was really reserve.  It was emphasized that we need to get the auditor’s reports earlier and we need to be able to understand what the reports really say; they can be very misleading sometimes.


It was recommended by Wayne that he incorporate an unaudited version (more readable and understandable) of the Town Report in the Winter Newsletter.


Ferry Projections


Wayne presented the ferry projections:


Budget Revenues                               $302K

06 Actual Operating Revenue $316,500 (incl surcharge)

Budget Expenses                                $298K

06 Actual Expenses                            Not Available

Management Fees                              $62K


Capital Expenditures


John Crosby reported that the town dump truck was showing real maintenance expenditures, $2,750 needed now.  There may be an opportunity to replace the truck for approximately $34K.  It was decided to defer any capital investments and to cover costs of maintenance within the current budgets.


John Crosby reported that the town had lost the opportunity to match a $10K Portland Water District grant for 2005.  There is now available a $4K matching grant that we could apply to 2 catch basins by the ferry haul-out that should cost no more than $8K.  No decision was made and the item is deferred until later.


MOTION to adjourn at 8:33 PM made by Jim Kuiken, seconded by John Nun – Unanimous



Respectfully submitted,

John B. Nun