DECEMBER 10, 2005


The location of the meeting was the Holiday Inn Express, Saco, ME


The meeting was called to order at 9:15 AM by James Kuiken

SELECTMEN:  James Kuiken, John Nun, Brian Walker


BIT Executive Committee:  Bruce Nisula, Joe Potts, James Kuiken, John Nun,

                                               Brian Walker


Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier




Building Permit Fees - Question on fees to be charged for building starts without permits.  The fees are to be double the amount for building starts without permits as per motion made July 4, 1998 by Selectmen.


Leasing of Lots 1601 & 1602 - Beach Committee would like to create a Public Beach with these two lots.  John Nun suggested that the Planning Board might need to be involved to see if these lots are zoned for a beach.  Joe Potts suggested that the monies needed to improve lots 1601 & 1602 be spent on Beach #11 for upgrades and the Town would keep lots 1601 & 1602 as a buildable lot.  Joe Potts to ask the FII Board if lots 1601 & 1602 could be gifted to the Town.


Lots 124, 125, 126, & 127 - Wayne has received a transfer tax document and deed from Dick Steeves requesting these lots be transferred to the Town for forgiveness of back taxes.  Wayne to contact Carl Hommel, Town Treasurer, to get OK with forgiveness of taxes.


FII Monies - the Town has received approximately $65,000.00 from FII for the repairs on the Water Tank and road gravel. 


Eastside Pump House - Wayne to check with John Crosby on status of permit from DEP for locating the pump house closer to the water.


Interest Bearing Account - Wayne has been in touch with Merrill Lynch and is waiting for return calls from Bank of America and BankNorth.  Brian Walker will contact the Merrill Lynch representative in Portland and give him Wayne’s phone number.


Ferry Personnel - The only Ferry Captain that said he is not coming back is Rob Hawley.  Kevin's salary will have to be adjusted in 2006 and other personnel issues were discussed.


MEMA - Wayne has talked to an islander about being Emergency Preparedness Director.  Wayne will contact this person to see if he will accept the position as director.


Brush Dump - Wayne has said that John Crosby has applied for the necessary permits and licenses.  James Kuiken stated that he would like to see the brush dump opened on Wednesday for three hours.




Water Filters - The sand filters are on site and set in place.  The water pipe from the filtration building still has to be connected.


Water Tank - the inside of the tank has been finished, the outside sand blasting and painting will be completed in the spring.  An invoice in the amount of $14,900.00 has been received for the work that has been completed to date.


Island Ferry Gantry - the ramp was removed, shimmed, bearings repaired, and replaced. The counterweights were not cut as planned but the lower stops were lowered to give the counterweights more travel.  The cable and sheaves will be replaced next week.  The structural work cannot be accomplished until the lake level reaches 263'.  The keel coolers have been replaced and the life jacket lockers have been relocated on the Ellie Corliss.


Haul Out Facility - letter sent to Kleinschmidt from the Town attorney stating the Town we be installing a pull down winch.  Wayne has received a letter from Kleinschmidt's attorney and will get it to the boards as soon as possible.


Lightning Strike - the Town has received a check from the insurance company for damaged controls & computer in filtration building, controller, solenoids, and wiring for the irrigation system at the Golf Course, and will recive the final amount when the work at the Eastside Pump House is complete.  The amount of the check received was $27,910.47 after the $1,000.00 deductible.


SAD 6 - the Town has filed a complaint with the State.  The State has 21 days to respond to the complaint and can do the following:


     1.  can request the complaint be dismissed - at that time the Town has 21 days to         


     2.  accept the complaint and respond to issues of the complaint


Appeals Board - Tim Toomey has requested a 30 day extension, which Larry Clough has agreed to.


2006 Insurance - Getting proposals from Clark.  Cross Insurance will not be submitting a proposal.





MOTION to accept the minutes of the October 9, 2005 Town Meeting as submitted made by James Kuiken and seconded by Brian Walker - Unanimous


MOTION to accept the minutes of the October 22, 2005 Selectmen's Meeting as submitted made by James Kuiken and seconded by Brian Walker - Unanimous


Reviewed financials - Wayne to send journal entries for reserve funds - there was a question on the amount in the Fund Balance after the property on the mainland was purchased.  Wayne to check into the Recreation Maintenance & Repair account.


There have been some check warrants that have not been submitted for approval - Wayne to check on these warrants.


MOTION to adjourn at 11:00 AM made by James Kuiken and seconded by John Nun - Unanimous



Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken