AUGUST 20, 2005


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Town of Frye Island


The meeting was called to order at 9:02 AM by James Kuiken


Selectmen:  James Kuiken, Brian Walker, John Nun

BIT EC:  Bruce Nisula, Jim )'Connor, Joe Potts, Debbie Anthony

Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier

Treasurer:  Carl Hommel





Review sale of land to Vic Solomini


There haven't been any objections to selling or other offers on the triangular piece of land located on the Golf Course that abuts Lot 1741.


MOTION to sell the triangular piece of property on the Golf Course that abuts lot 1741 to Vic Solomini for the price of $7,500.00 with a restriction that no waivers on set backs will be granted was made by James Kuiken and seconded by John Nun - Unanimous





MOTION to accept the minutes of the July 30, 2005 Selectmen's Meeting as submitted made by James Kuiken and seconded by John Nun - Unanimous


MOTION to accept the minutes of the August 5, 2005 Selectmen's Meeting as submitted made by James Kuiken and seconded by Brian Walker - Unanimous


Reviewed July, 2005  financials.  The monthly and year to date figures are the same figures Wayne to correct the monthly figures.


Concern about ferry salaries are over budget and ticket sales are down - Wayne to make 2005 budget numbers work and not let expenditures exceed revenues.


Signed Check Warrants.




Proposed Warrant Articles - reviewed Joe Potts' proposed Warrant Articles that changes the fiscal year to a calendar year and changes the dates of the Town Meetings.  There will be a Warrant Article seeking a change for the fiscal year and no decision was made on changing the dates and number of Town Meetings.


Beach Committee Proposal - Dick Giggey, Chairperson of the Beach Committee, addressed the BOS/EC and presented a list of rules for the beaches, discussed making two (2) new beaches - Lot 91 & Lots 1617, 1618, & 1619, and asked for $2,500.00 in the 2006 budget for access road to Lots 1617, 1618, & 1619 and signage stating the new beach rules.


The BOS/EC will review the Beach Rules as presented and make a decision at the September 24, 2005 Meeting.


Scanning Section Maps - Staples is scanning the large maps to CDs and they will be put on line.  Staples is also making two (2) full size sets of maps for use in the office.





Water System Repairs - discussed painting water tank, multi-media sand filters, and new eastside pump house.


John Crosby received two bids for painting the water tank:


     1.  Limerick Steeplejacks - $ 29,900.00


     2.  National Tank & Tower - $29,360.00


MOTION to hire Limerick Steeplejacks to paint the water tower with $25,000.00 coming from the Water Reserve Account and $4,900.00 coming from the Island Improvement Reserve Account made by James Kuiken and seconded by John Nun - Unanimous.


There is a meeting on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at 9:00 AM to discuss the multi-media filters and new eastside pump house with representatives from filter and pump companies and the Maine Rural Water District Representative.


Budget - Wayne presented worksheets and a proposed 2006 budget.  There was much discussion concerning ferry fees and expenditures and discussions of not having a winter office and Calvin working out of his house.


There will be a Budget Workshop on Friday August 26, 2005 at 7:00 PM in the Community Center to come up with a budget to present at a Public Hearing on September 3, 2005.



Public Safety- Questions concerning the Police Boat docked at the mainland ferry landing.  Wayne stated the boat was owned by the Town of Raymond and all expenses were paid by Raymond.  Dana uses the boat to patrol the gut and Frye Island shoreline.  Dana does not get paid by the Town of Frye Island when he is patrolling the gut.


MOTION to adjourn at 1:11 PM made by James Kuiken and seconded by Brian Walker - Unanimous



Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken