MAY 21, 2005


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Town of Frye Island.


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by James Kuiken.


Selectmen:  James Kuiken, Bob Roberts

BIT:  Grace Morin, Jim O'Connor, Bruce Nisula

Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier

Town Treasurer:  Carl Hommel



Wayne Fournier and Jimmy Kuiken made presentation of location, price, possible uses, and finance options.


After much discussion on uses, finance options, and zoning issues a straw poll was conducted and the overwhelming consensus was to purchase the property and to finance with property taxes.




MOTION  to purchase the Willis Property and place an article on the May 28, 2005 Special Town Meeting Warrant was made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts – Unanimous




Wayne and Calvin went to MMA Seminar on Governmental Accounting on May 16th and 17th.  The Town has to conform to the GASBY System  due to the size of the Town budget.


In General Government Account what was the $204,000.00 transfer?  This amount does not show up in any other account.  This amount of monies is to be transferred to the Reserve Accounts.  Wayne and Calvin have to get in touch with TRIO and  find how to make these transfers happen.


Golf financials for April do not match budget numbers.  The insurance numbers do not match and there is still a negative income figure.


The Marina account has to be set up showing the monies that go to the Town.



Special Town Meeting Warrant – MOTION to approve the Warrant for the

May 28, 2005 Special Town Meeting as presented along with the latest Balance

Sheet made by Bob Roberts and seconded by James Kuiken – Unanimous


Water system – Meeting on May 17, 2005 was attended by Hodsdon, Zachau Construction, Maine Rural Water District, Strainrite, John Crosby, and Jimmy Kuiken.  Strainrite made presentation showing how to use the pre and post filters and said the filters that we have in stock will be ok to use until the supply is deleted.

Strainrite stated that if a new micro media filtering system were to be installed, the cost of the system, approximately $21,000.00, could be saved on filter purchases over a two to three year period.


The final punch list was prepared and given to Zachau Construction.


The Maine Rural Water District representative told John Crosby that two more filter vessels and filters that are sold by Grainger would do the same job as the micro media system that Strainrite proposed for a much lower cost.

SAD 6 – Len Langor getting ready to start process that would allow Frye Island to protect it’s rights with respect to school funding.  Wayne to bring documentation to Len’s office.


Tennis Courts – Vermont Tennis Courts came to the island and inspected the tennis courts at the Community Center and said patching could be accomplished.  Vermont Tennis told John Crosby what had to be accomplished before tennis courts could to sealed and painted.

MOTION to expend up to $ 2,590.00 from the Island Improvement Reserve Fund to repair the tennis courts at the Community Center made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts – Unanimous

Haul Out Facility – Wayne spoke with two engineering firms concerning the design of the Haul Out Facility.  One firm is from Massachusetts and the other firm is from South Portland.  Wayne is to contact the firm from South Portland and have them come to the island and look at the system and draft a report on the design.  Len Langor to draft letter and send it to Kleinschmidt.


Vic Solomini asked the BOS/EC if it was possible for him to purchase a piece of property from the Golf Course to make his property more conducive to building.

Vic was told that his proposal would be put on the June 18, 2005 BOS/EC Agenda as a Public Hearing Article.


Ferry – Buying ferry tickets by mail.

MOTION to allow residents in good standing to purchase a minimum of 10 ferry tickets by mail and charge a $2.50 mailing fee for return receipt requested mailing costs made by Bob Roberts and seconded by Bruce Nisula.


Jim O’Connor and Bob Roberts for – Grace Morin, Bruce Nisula, and Jimmy Kuiken against    Motion failed

Are the ferry crews using the six car rule for safety purposes?  Wayne to check and let us know.


Budget Process – Check with Don Talbot with on how to set up new tax commitment date and method to pay bills to coincide with the Town’s new fiscal year dates, July 1 to June 30.


Planning Board – Marge Hommel stated that the Planning Board is minus one Alternate and that all the members on the Planning Board are waterfront property owners and feels that some back lot owners should be on the Board.  Marge was told that the Board of Selectmen have appointed everyone that has volunteered to be a member of the Planning Board and if owners of back lots do not volunteer there isn’t anything that can be done. 

MOTION to adjourn at 11:50 AM made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts – Unanimous


Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken