MAY 14, 2005


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Town of Frye Island.


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by James Kuiken.


Selectmen:  James Kuiken, Bob Roberts

BIT:  Pat Karpacz, Grace Morin, Jim O'Connor, Bruce Nisula

Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier



Wayne Fournier and Jimmy Kuiken made presentation of location, price, possible uses, and finance options.


After much discussion on uses, finance options, and zoning issues a straw poll was conducted and the overwhelming consensus was to purchase the property and finance with property taxes.




MOTION to accept the minutes of the March 19, 2005 BOS/EC Meeting as presented made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous



Jimmy Kuiken asked Wayne Fournier to set up a meeting with TRIO to discuss the lack of a Balance Sheet.


The excess insurance liability payments were for the difference between the Municipal Tort Limit and the amount needed to protect FII.


Bonding - Who is bonded?  Jim O'Connor suggested purchasing a blanket bonding policy.


The Golf and Marina accounts will have to be removed from the Town's books and set up as an individual account according to Don Talbot.


Signed Check Warrants.



Bob Roberts and Dave Decker submitted letters of resignation from the Board of Selectmen effective as of July 2, 2005.  Both Bob and Dave have decided to sell their property on Frye Island and will no longer be able to serve on the Board of Selectmen:


Contractors will be coming to price work on the 5th Tee.


Chris Decker has resigned from the Golf Committee.


The docks are being installed.


The ramps have been rebuilt and the docks are being sealed.


The beaver have taken down many trees at the Marina and worried that erosion might take place along the berm.  Jim O'Connor suggested painting trees with a paint that keeps beaver away.


Nicole Wagner sent an email in April stating that she would be available this summer to be Rec Director.  Wayne to contact Nicole.


Mainland Gantry Repairs - The Gantry work on the mainland is complete except for a shim that is to be installed between bumper and ramp.

Bancroft will return in the fall to accomplish repairs on the Island Gantry.


The quote for the work on the mainland gantry was $ 68,850.00 the cost of the mainland gantry is $ 72,206.50 including the extra work that was performed.


Approval to pay Bancroft $ 72,206.50 for work completed on the Mainland Gantry.


The Island ramp is cocked and hits when the ramp is raised and lowered, the work this fall will eliminate this problem.

Water System – The new Filtration Plant is on line and seems to be working well.

The Monitoring System is installed but still have to install alarm points.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005, the Town, Zachau Construction, and Hodsdon will prepare the final punch list.


A representative will be on site Wednesday, May 18, 2005, to start the Emergency Generator and set up the Automatic Transfer Switch.


Left handed and right handed valves were installed on the water main, this issue will be on the punch list.


The water system is now operating with pre and post filters.

Fire Truck – Greenwood has returned deposit on truck in the amount of $ 56,684.27.  The original deposit was $ 62,250.00, the difference is for interest and restocking fees. 


SAD 6 – MOTION to initiate legal process that would allow Frye Island to protect it’s rights with respect to SAD 6 school funding made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts – Unanimous


Lot 3038 (Amato Property) – MOTION to fine Daniel and Holly Amato $ 1,000.00 for violating the Town of Frye Island’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts.


     5 – Yes   Bruce Nisula abstained


Tennis Courts – Vermont Tennis Courts to come this week and look at courts for repairs.


Store Lease – Larry Clough is looking at the lease that was prepared by Frye Island Partners, LLC


Haul Out Facility – Len Langor to start legal proceedings against Kleinschmidt about design of Haul Out Facility.  Wayne to hire an engineering firm to dispute original design.

Len Langor will put Kleinschmidt on notice that the Town of Frye Island is pursuing another engineer’s opinion and is going to pursue this legally.

Audit – Wayne reported that the Audit will be completed by the end of this week – May 20, 2005.



Dispatching Services – The Town of Frye Island will enter agreements to provide dispatching as follows:


     Police Dispatching from Cumberland County  - $ 3,200.00


     Emergency Dispatching from Raymond - $ 5,000.00


Admin Building Roof – There have been several leaks in the Admin Building.  It looks as if the leaks are coming from the fixed windows that act as skylights.  John Crosby and Paul White to look at windows and caulk to make necessary repairs.

Wayne has received a quote as follows to replace the roof:


1.     Remove existing roof and install asphalt shingles - $ 11,600.00


2.     Install metal roof over existing roof - $ 18,900.00

Emergency Generator Grant – MOTION to expend up tp $ 16,910.00 for Emergency Generator and installation, monies to be repaid from grant money when received made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Rroberts – Unanimous


Playground – Wayne to order a load of environmentally safe wood chips for the playground and the maintenance department to spread on thin spots.


MOTION to go to Executive Session made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts – Unanimous



Returned from Executive Session – discussed personnel issues


MOTION to adjourn at 2:10 PM made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts – Unanimous



Respectfully submitted,

James Kuiken