MARCH 19, 2005


The location of the meeting was the Holiday Inn Express, Saco, ME


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by James Kuiken


Selectmen:  James L. Kuiken, Bob Roberts, Dave Decker

BIT:  Pat Karpacz, Grace Morin, James O'Connor, Bruce Nisula

Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier


PUBLIC HEARING for Liquor License for Frye's Leap Cafe


MOTION to approve liquor license for Frye's Leap Cafe made by James Kuiken and seconded by Dave Decker - Unanimous


MOTION to accept the minutes of the February 26, 2005 Selectmen's Meeting as presented made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous



The DOT Grant that shows up as income in Admin will be shifted to Public Works where monies were budgeted.


The funds allocated for in Marina budget for docks in/out we be allocated to Yacht Equity and Yacht Rental accounts.


A GL Summary report will be ready for next month's meeting.  Hopefully this will suffice for a Balance Sheet.


Previous numbers have been inserted into the Expense/Revenue Summary Report.  The numbers for the entire account is right but the numbers for line items may not add up to the penny because some accounts have been added or deleted and line items for the 2004 and 2005 budgets are not the same.


A finance charge appears on check warrant #20, check 3795 - What is this finance charge for?


Public Works shows monies have been spent in the SUTA line item - how can this be when there is no payroll?


Golf revenues show a negative number in the General account - how?


Wayne to investigate and let board know the answers to these questions.


No report


No report


No report


Water System

The parts are in to replace improper pump set.  Zachau Construction and Ranor to go to island and install these parts on Friday, March 25, 2005.


Zachau Construction has to be made aware that these parts have to be installed before ice out and the new system has to be 100% by April 15, 2005 to open island on April 29, 2005.


The paperwork for the Bond has been sent to the Bond Counsel.


SCADIA equipment has to be installed as early in spring as possible.  The Town has supplied the digital dialer for the SCADIA system and it is in the wall cabinet in the new filtration building.

Willis Property

Wayne has left several messages for Paul Willis and Paul has not returned any of Wayne's calls.


Scott Collins of St. Germaine Environmental will do an environmental review of the property as follows:

  1. Phase 1 - preliminary plan & site review.  Scott to walk the site and talk to Fire Department to see if they know of any environmental issues.

  2. Phase 2 - Dig a few holes and test dirt and contact the DEP

Key Bank does not require an environmental test and Wayne stated that Key Bank would finance the property.


The environmental test will have to be completed as soon as the snow melts  so the results will be known for the Public hearing scheduled for May, 2005.


Bruce Nisula questioned the estimate of $1000.00 to $1200.00 for walking site and talking to Fire department.


MOTION to hold Special Town Meeting on May 28, 2005 for the purpose of purchasing Willis property made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Wayne to have financing package and financial statement  for Town Meeting.

Fire Truck

Nothing new - if the truck is sold by Greenwood the Town of Frye Island is expecting a full refund of the down payment.

Portland Water District

The use of herbicides in the Songo River for removal of milfoil has gone away, the conventional method of pulling plants will be used instead.


Wayne has written a letter and sent it to Bill Diamond and John Robinson stating the Town of Frye Island is opposed to eliminating the Portland Water District from being involved with septic system designs.  Paul Hunt has asked if the Portland Water District can attach letter to their testimony at Public Hearing in Augusta - Yes they can.

Cumberland County

Frye Island's share of the county taxes for fiscal year 2005-2006 is $56,539.00 which is $2,941.00 more than was budgeted.


There is a bill before the legislature, LD249, that will amend the Calculation for Annual County Tax Assessments.  This bill would change the way county assessments are levied against municipalities.  Under current law, the entire county  assessment is applied to the municipalities within the county on the basis of each municipality's proportional valuation.  This bill would direct the counties to assess the cost of non-contracted rural patrol on the basis of each municipality's use of that service, rather than municipal valuation. 


This would increase Frye Islandís share of county taxes.


The liquor license for the Golf Course and the license for BEANO have been received from the state.



Meeting dates - May 14, 2005  9:00 AM  Regular BOS/BIT Meeting and Public Hearing for purchase of Willis Property


                            May 21, 2005  9:00 AM  Regular BOS/BIT Meeting
                            and Public Hearing for purchase of Willis Property


                            May 28, 2005  9:00 AM  Special Town Meeting for
                            purchase of Willis Property


                            June 3, 2005  7:00 PM - June 18, 2005  9:00 AM


                            July 1, 2005   7:00 PM - July 23, 2005  9:00 AM


                            Aug 5, 2005   7:00 PM - Aug 20, 2005  9:00 AM

Lots 1306 &1307

Paul White, CEO, will have to write a letter rescinding the Growth Permit for these lots, there is a deed restriction in the deed that states that no building may occur until the 750 limit is removed by the courts.

Lots 864 & 865

One of these lots is owned by the husband and the other is owned by the wife.  A Growth Permit was issued for one lot and not the other because the septic system design on the lot had been denied and there is an altered design that was submitted

for the Growth Permit.

Golf & Marina

Wayne has talked to Don Talbot, Town Auditor, about setting up separate accounts for  each amenity.  Don has stated that this could be accomplished and could also be done for the ferry because these departments are self-sufficient.  This will be discussed when the 2006-2007 budget is drafted.


Jim O'Connor asked if MMA Had ever provided a quote for the Town's insurance coverage that includes the Golf Course and Marina.  Wayne had asked MMA to provide a quote and MMA stated that they could not provide coverage for the ferry department and therefore would not quote because they could not put together a complete insurance package.


Solicitation for insurance quotes should be done every year.

There is a Moderator's Workshop scheduled for April 27, 2005.  If anyone is interested please let Wayne know as he will be going.


MOTION to adjourn at 10:50 AM made by James Kuiken and seconded by Dave Decker - Unanimous


Respectfully submitted,
James L. Kuiken