OCTOBER 23, 2004


Location: Administration Office, Town of Frye Island

The meeting was called to order a little after 9 AM by Selectman C. David Decker


Attendees: Selectmen Dave Decker and Bob Roberts (by telephone)

                     Board of Island Trustees Executive Committee members: Grace Morin,

                     Patricia Karpacz, Bruce Nisula and James OConnor

                     Town Manager: Wayne Fournier

                     Public: Bob Sutherland, lot 31



   The minutes of the October 1 BOS/EC and the October 9 Town Meeting were accepted.


   Ferry Ticket Revenue as of October 17. 

                                                                      Revenue $402,953

                                                                      Budget    $365,948

                                                                 Over budget  $37,005

   Wayne is working on a Trio reporting system called “Expense Revenue Summary”   The categories will be Budget/ Current Month/ Year to Date/ Balance/ Per Cent.  He expects to have it ready for us for our next meeting (Dec.4).     


   The 10/18/04 Reserve Account Analysis which was emailed was discussed.  As of that date, the balances are as follows.  It was noted that the Yacht Club Reserve is missing.  The Golf Reserve is included in the Golf Committee report.

             Capital Reserve  $26,533.09                       Ferry Reserve   $125,748.09

             Water Reserve   $5,378.35                          Recreation Reserve   $8,158.11

             Equipment Reserve   $40,028.60                Fire & Safety Reserve   $9,484.36

             Island Improvement   $28,406.90               Revaluation Reserve  $1,995.62


Our auditor expects our numbers in January.  Wayne reported that the new system requires a “fixed asset” category.


Bob Sutherland, who lives in New Jersey, voiced his concern about the absence of the

1 AM ferry on Friday nights next year.  He was reassured that if he is delayed, he can call ahead and the ferry crew will wait for him.


As of October 27, there has been $182,000 in revenue, $150,000 in expenses with probably another 10-15,000 in expenses to record.  The current reserve is $17,000.  The next tractor payment of $5,400 is due January 28.  The committee is working to improve its accounting procedures.


The docks will come out next week.  They will be waterproofed next spring.  Both ramps will be sent to Great Northern to truss the rail systems.  There will be no charge for this.  Plans are being made to cut down the metal stanchions to widen the channel between docks. 

Krainin Real Estate has asked whether an owner can rent a Quail Circle slip along with their cottage.  It was agreed that they can but ONLY to the people renting the cottage in question.


An annual report was submitted to the BOS/EC describing the many successful events sponsored by the Commission.  Some events took place at the Community Center, others at various sites around the island. 


Several mini course instructors were given stipends by SAD#6.  Annie Charrette, the 2004 and 2005 chairperson of the Commission worked with the school district to facilitate these activities.


A job description was developed for the Recreation Director along with a flexible 35 hours a week work schedule to allow for evening teen activities and rainy day staffing of the Community Center.  Nicole Wagner and Sarah Phillips shared the job during July and August respectively.


Keeping the Community Center clean and its bathrooms sanitary continues to be a problem.  The groups who pay 10% of their gross intake complain that this should be expected when the town made over a thousand dollars in two months from their rental fees.   Regular trash pick up is also a problem.


A micro wave for popping corn was donated and a refrigerator with a lock to contain cold drinks for teen activities is expected.  Overhead lights in the ping pong room (old storage room) are still needed as are a TV on a movable cart for family movie nights.


The Commission is happy to announce that Amy Wagner will raise money for the Fourth of July fireworks.


Wayne has agreed to establish separate liability accounts for the swimming pool and the tennis courts to encourage users to raise funds that can be carried over from year to year for their repair and maintenance.


Ferry Haul Out

 The Ellie Corliss has been painted and the Leisure Lady is up on the haul out being painted.  The ferries finally go in by themselves without the aid of the backhoe.  The winch still needs some adjusting.  The staff is down to three mates and three captains.



The building for the new system is enclosed and eight inch lines now go down Independence to Highpoint.  Six inch lines go to the side streets.


Tax Rate

The Assessor sent out a form to declare the amount of taxes we must raise.  Based on his valuation of the island at $89,139,000. (including fixed assets but not subtracting the $2 million recent transfer from FII), the minimum rate is $16.91 and the maximum rate is $17.76.  This must be done by November first.  The Board of Selectmen with input from the Executive Committee, will confer by telephone on Friday evening, October 29 at 6 PM to set the tax rate. 


The CEO is working to establish occupancy criteria.


The interest rate for delinquent taxes is 6.5% as voted at the last Town Meeting.


It will cost $1270. to repoint the top and hearth of the Community Center chimney.  It will also be water sealed and capped.  The work will be done next week.


Gantry & Ramp

The I beam and apron were damaged by the off loading of a heavy truck.  Wayne would like an engineering assessment of the necessary repairs and/or modifications done by Gagnon Engineering.   He will email us about the details.

The next regular meeting is December 4, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Express in Saco.  



Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Karpacz, substituting for James Kuiken