SEPTEMBER 18, 2004


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Town of Frye Island


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by James Kuiken


Selectmen:  James Kuiken, Bob Roberts

BIT:  Pat Karpacz, Grace Morin, Jim O'Connor, Bruce Nisula

Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier

Treasurer:  Carl Hommel


MOTION to accept the minutes of the September 3, 2004 Selectmen's meeting as

corrected made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


MOTION to accept the minutes of the September 4, 2004 Budget Public Hearing

as corrected made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous



Signed Check Warrants


August, 2004 financial statements not available will review at September 25, 2004



Ferry ticket revenues as of September 14, 2004 - $ 348,687.00; budget amount



Bill Gately, Mark Thomas, and Mike Mazzola were elected to the Golf Committee

at the annual meeting.


Revenues and expenses are on target with budget.


Work day to be held on September 19, 2004


Discussion about changing policy to not allow pro shop credits to be carried from

year to year beginning in 2005.


The Marina Committee is taking an active role in discussions concerning mooringpolicy


Refrigerator for the teen room will be donated


Ferry Haul Out - the rollers have been installed and there are still several spots

                             where the carriage sticks.  The operation with the rollers is much

                             better but is still not acceptable.  Coastal Engineering will be

                             correcting the sticking problems.


Water System  - construction has started on the Treatment Building, some ledge

                            had to be blasted for footings, but this was expected.


                            A meeting with A. E. Hodsdon has to be scheduled as soon as

                            possible to discuss discrepancies in yard piping.


                            A meeting with Zachau Construction has to be scheduled to discuss

                            deleted items.


Ferry Painting - paint is on site, the ferry will be pulled o September 20, 2004 to

                           begin the painting process.  Process should take from seven (7)

                           to ten (10) days.  A representative from the paint supplier will be

                           on hand to supervise.


                           One of the transmissions on the ferry will have to be pulled and

                           sent out for repair.


                           There is a crack in the hull of the ferry by the propellers, this will

                           be welded when is boat is pulled for painting.


Beach 10 - received a quote from Grondin in the amount of $5,180.00 for erosion

                  control.  Wayne to tell abutters that the Town will be starting this work

                  the first week of October, 2004. 


MOTION  to expend up to $6,000.00 for erosion control work to be performed by

R J Grondin & Sons at Beach #10 made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Tax Cap Initiative - discussed what impact the Tax Cap Initiative would have on the

                                  Town of Frye Island.  If the tax cap took effect now, the

                                  amount the Town would be able to collect will only pay for

                                  the school and county taxes.


There will be a Public Hearing on September 25, 2004 to change the Town of Frye

Island's fiscal year from the calendar year (January thru December) to a fiscal

year (July thru June).


Winter Meeting Schedule - Selectmen Meetings will be held on the following dates

                                              at the Holiday Inn Express, Saco, ME:


                                              December 4, 2004, January 22, 2005, February 19, 2005,

                                              and March 19, 2005


Police Review Committee - Dana spoke with South Portland and they do not have a

                                              review committee.  Dana does not believe the review

                                              committee is a good idea because it will undermine the

                                              policeman's authority.   There will be a complaint form

                                              available for people to file in 2005.


Fines - second notices need to sent


Raymond Rescue - need to bill people who Raymond Rescue has answered calls for


MOTION to purchase a John Deere backhoe for $40,000.00 plus the Town's backhoe made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Added items to budget for capital expenses and removed Raymond Dispatch,

Fire Works, and some of DPW's equipment maintenance.


Discussed Marina fees for 2005 and how some extra income could be generated from



Wayne to come up with a revised budget for the September 25, 2005 meeting.

MOTION to adjourn at 2:10 PM made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob

Roberts - Unanimous


Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken