SEPTEMBER 4, 2004 

9:00 AM





Wayne Fournier, Town Manager, presented the draft 2005 Town Budget with a projected mil rate of 18.04.


The increase is due to a .27 increase in Municipal spending and a 1.69 increase in Non-Municipal spending.


The increase in Non-Municipal spending is based upon a 10% increase in school and county taxes.


.01 in mil rate equals approximately $1,000.00




R 01-1-36, Page 1 - Golf Cart Registrations - amount of income seems to be low


R 01-1-86, Page 2 - Management Fees - where does income come from?


R 05-8-02, Page 4 - Brush dump - remove income, contractors can no longer use              brush dump


E 05-6-12-30, Page 5 - Training - account shows 0 expense, is training needed?


A capital expense for replacing DPW equipment - there is no line item to replace equipment, the last payment for the pick-up truck was made in 2004 and that line has been eliminated from the budget.


Ferry - add money for uniform expense


Ferry income and expenses are at a break even point


Ferry expenses are based on the ferry schedule as attached to budget.


Public Safety


If there is a Mooring Ordinance will a Harbor Master have to be hired? No. the Town of Frye Island Police can perform this duty using the Town of Raymond's boat.


Fines for tickets - a better means of collecting monies is needed


Dispatch Fees - The way dispatch is set up now, both fees to Cumberland County and the Town of Raymond are in the budget.


Fire Department - the Town of Frye Island Fire Department is in the process of applying for $30,000.00 worth of grants.


Fire Works - a line item for $5,000.00 has been added to the 2005 Budget.


Beach Committee is requesting money for beach improvements.


Questions on the amount of monies going into the Yacht Club Equity and Rental Reserves were asked.


Wayne presented a list of Capital Improvements asked for by the Department Heads, none of these projects show up in the 2005 Budget.


When will the 2005 Budget be ready to put on line?  The Executive Committee of the Board of Island Trustees will meet on September 18, 2004 to work on budget.  When Wayne makes the changes after this meeting, the 2005 Budget

can go on line.


Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken