The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Town of Frye Island


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by James Kuiken

Selectmen:  James Kuiken, Bob Roberts, Dave Decker 

BIT:  Pat Karpacz, Grace Morin, Jim O'Connor, Bruce Nisula 

Treasurer:  Carl Hommel 

Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier


BIT Eligibility - He or she must be a citizen of the United States, at least 18     years of age, and an owner or a spouse of an owner of real property located within the Town of Frye Island with a fixed home currently occupied by the person, maximum two people per fixed home.

MOTION to place the BIT Eligibility Amendment to the Charter on the October Town Meeting Warrant made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous

BIT Chairperson - The Board of Island Trustees shall meet immediately preceding any Special Town Meeting, called in accordance with Article II,  Section 1 of this Charter.  The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Island Trustees or his or her  designee shall preside at all Board of Island Trustees' Meetings.

MOTION to place BIT Chairperson Amendment to the Charter on the October Town Meeting Warrant made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous

Use of ATVs - Delete the reference of ATVs and All Terrain Vehicles from Article VIII (island Ferry System and Roads), Section 3 (use of Golf Carts) from the Charter.

MOTION to place Use of ATVs Amendment to the Charter on the October Town Meeting Warrant made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous.

MOTION to accept the minutes of the August 21, 2004 Selectmen's Meeting

as presented made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Bob Roberts mentioned that minutes for the August 25, 2004 Budget Workshop are needed.



Signed Check Warrants


Carl Hommel, Town Treasurer, suggested that the Email approvals of the Check

warrants be attached to the warrants before signing the checks.


Carl Hommel suggested that a line be added to the check warrants for the date

that the checks were signed.


Ferry Ticket Revenues


As of September 3, 2004       Discount      $ 155, 025.00

                                                Regular          164, 874.00

                                                Pedestrian          4,905.00

                                                Special              31,095.00


                                                TOTAL        $ 327,999.00


                                                Budget          $ 365,948.00



Oleg Svetlichney asked if a list of contractors using the ferry is kept - There is no list of names of contractors using the ferry.


Oleg Svetlichney asked the question if the beaches can be made private.


Phil Perry asked the question if the boat dock at the Mainland Ferry Terminal may be used to pick up guests and/or packages by Islanders - Yes the boat dock at the Mainland Ferry terminal may be used for the above but may not be used as place to tie up private boats for commuting to and from the Island.


Annual Meeting will be held on September 5, 2004 after the scramble at the Golf Course building.


Marina Committee to meet on Saturday, September 4, 2004 at the Community  Center for the Annual Meeting. 


The Marina Committee is working with the Planning Board on the Mooring Policy.


Tim Toomey has been appointed by the Marina Committee to work with  Wayne on the waiting lists.


Corrections to the Marina Policy will be made by Jim O'Connor and presented to Board of Island Trustees Executive Committee for approval.


Fees will have to be established prior to the finalization of the 2005 Budget.


The Recreation Committee requested that the number of members be changed from seven (7) to nine (9) - The number of people on the Recreation Committee will remain at seven (7) and if more help is needed for special projects Sub-Committees can be appointed by the Recreation Committee.


There Halloween Party on Columbus Day Weekend is being canceled this year.


Ceramics has paid over $500.00 for use of the Community Center.


A pool table has been donated for use at the Community Center.


Ferry Haul Out - the installation of the rollers has been scheduled for Thursday or Friday of next week.


Water System - Contract was signed today with Zachau Construction, Inc.


Ferry Painting - The paint to paint the hulls has been ordered, there are seven  steps (4 coats of special primer, 2 coats of primer, and one finish coat) needed for this activity.  The work will be accomplished   by the ferry staff with supervision provided by the paint supplier.


Joe Potts, President of FII, made a presentation explaining the land that FII would like to turn over to the Town of Frye Island as Conservation Land.  The synopsis of this presentation is as follows:

     1.  There are 131 lots in 8 blocks


     2.  The deed for this land is to have covenants


     3.  The covenants provides ways to make changes for
           use of land


     4.  Enforcement will be in the hands of the BIT


     5.  Town of Frye Island is to pay for all deeding costs


Marge Hommel, Planning Board Chairperson, voiced some concerns for land being turned over due to the fact that a Mooring Policy and future planning is being worked on by the Planning Board.


The Selectmen stated that the covenants of this land will allow changes, if needed, to be made.


MOTION to accept the donation of the Conservation Land as stated in a document known as ' Frye Island Property to be Transferred to the Town of Frye Island as Deeded Conservation Land' made by Bob Roberts and seconded by Dave Decker - Unanimous

Beach #10 - John Crosby met with the DEP and Portland Water District to finalize what need to be accomplished to prevent erosion on Beach #10. There are two abutters that also need work to prevent erosion and will need to `use the access path to the beach to perform their work.  Wayne is to contact the abutters and explain that the work will begin on October 1, 2004 and ask them if they want to do their portion of  erosion control when the Town does theirs.


John Crosby stated that he believes the Transfer Station gates should be locked and a need for an Illegal Dumping Ordinance.


MOTION to accept the Golf Operations Policy as corrected made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous

MOTION to go to Executive Session made by James Kuiken and seconded by

Roberts - Unanimous


Returned from Executive Session - discussed personnel


Motion to adjourn at 9:47 PM made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken