FEBRUARY 21, 2004



The location of the meeting was the Holiday Inn Express, Saco, ME


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by James Kuiken


Selectmen:  James Kuiken, Bob Roberts, Dave Decker


BIT:  Pat Karpacz, Dick Giggey, Jim O'Connor


Treasurer:  Carl Hommel


Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier




Richard Main explained how the property values were construed for the revaluation

and presented Property Tax Bulletin No. 18, Farm and Open Space Tax Law.


Richard explained that some FII properties were never previously taxed and how

some of FII property may be classified as Open Space.  If FII is to apply for OPEN

Space assessment it has to be applied for by April 1 of any year.


MOTION to recess the Selectmen's Meeting until the conclusion of the FII

Meeting made at 9:50 AM by James Kuiken and seconded by Dave Decker -



MOTION to reconvene the Selectmen's Meeting made at 10:40 AM by James

Kuiken and seconded by Dave Decker - Unanimous


MOTION to accept the minutes of the January 24, 2004 Selectmen's Meeting as

corrected made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous



The Town has changed the accounting practice from Quickbooks to Trio

The transfers to the reserve accounts needs to be done in December and not
until the audit is complete



Golf Committee Meeting to be held on March 6 & 7, 2004.  Dave Decker will go

to meeting and explain that the Golf Course will have to operate within the budget.


The Golf Course will be on the Agenda to be one of the FII properties to be

transferred to the Town, if the Golf Course is not transferred to the Town the

Golf Course will have to pay property taxes.



The mailing regarding the slip usage has been sent.


Wayne is updating the waiting list.


MOTION to raise the Quail Circle fee from $150.00 to $200.00 with $50.00 to go

to municipal operating expenses;  to raise the Equity Slip fee from $225.00 to

$375.00 with $150.00 to go to municipal operating expenses; to raise the Annual

Rental fee from $750.00 to $900.00 with $150.00 to go to municipal operating

expenses made by Jim O'Connor and seconded James Kuiken - Unanimous



A questionnaire will be sent in the Winter Newsletter.


Cleaning of Community Center - the only monies in the budget are for one Spring



Ferry Haul Out Facility - Len Langer, Town Attorney, is working on sending a

                                          letter to Kleinschmidt Engineering informing them that

                                          the Town expects them to provide a redesigned Haul

                                          Out Facility that functions properly.


Ten Foot Right of Way - The Town has finally closed on the property and deed has

                                          been sent to the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds


Ticket price complaint - Len Langer, Town Attorney, has sent a letter stating that

                                        the new fees are in compliance with the Town Charter


Ferry Engine Rebuilds - the Ellie Corliss is complete and work is starting on The

                                         Leisure Lady


Ferry Trailer - the roof on the ferry trailer is leaking; a quote of $3240.00 has

                         been received to replace the roof with a peaked roof over the

                         existing roof, adding a roof over the deck, and replacing two doors.


MOTION to expend up to $3240.00 to replace roof on ferry trailer, add roof over

deck area, and replace two doors made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob

Roberts - Unanimous


SAD #6 - a meeting was held with the Selectmen and Senator Gilman and

                Representative Moore.  A package will be sent to the Town's elected

                state officials with documentation leading to the formation of the Town

                of Frye Island and LD 500 which removes the withdrawal from the

                school district in the Town’s Incorporation Act.


2004 Ferry Schedule – The 2004 schedule is being worked on and will be ready for

                                      approval at the March Selectmen’s Meeting


New Fire Truck – The new fire truck has been ordered and delivery is expected

                               late summer of 2004


Liquor Licenses – A Public Hearing will be scheduled for March 27, 2004 for the

                               approval of the liquor license for the Golf Course


Admin Building Repairs – A letter of intent has been sent to Zachau Construction,

                                             Inc. stating that the repairs will be started as soon as

                                             weather permits


Scanner – The new scanner has been installed and the bugs are being worked out


Insurance – Jim O’Connor and Wayne have met to review the Town and FII

                     insurance policies and have come up with some questions that will

                     be presented to Clark Associates, Town of Frye Island’s insurance



                     Check on liability insurance costs for the Board of Island Trustees.



Emerald Point – Wayne to check with Steve Harvey and see why the Town has

                            not received any fees as of yet


Ferry Ticket Sales – Wayne suggested that ticket sales should be collected on the

                                   mainland to alleviate some of the traffic in the office.  After

                                   a lengthy discussion, Wayne was asked to submit a detailed

                                   plan for further consideration.


Transfer Station Fees – Fees for the Transfer Station were discussed along with

                                       fees other Transfer Stations in the area charge.


MOTION to go to Executive Session made by James Kuiken and seconded by

Dave Decker – Unanimous


Returned from Executive Session – discussed personnel


MOTION to offer Martin Freidman a letter of employment and six weeks

severance pay made by Dave Decker and seconded by Bob Roberts –



MOTION to adjourn made by James Kuiken and seconded by Dave Decker –



Respectfully submitted,


James L. Kuiken