MAY 31, 2003


The Location of the meeting was the Community Center, Town of Frye Island


The meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM by Bob Roberts


Selectmen:  Bob Roberts, John Crosby, James Kuiken


BIT:  Pat Karpacz, Dave Decker, Dick Giggey, Grace Morin


Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier


Treasurer:  Carl Hommel


Motion to accept the Minutes of the May 10, 2003 Selectmen's Meeting made by Bob Roberts and seconded by John Crosby - Unanimous


April Financial Statements presented - Wayne made a comparison between 2002 and 2003.  Income for 2003 has increased in most departments while expenses have decreased.


Golf Committee - Work on the new parking lot has started with expectations of being completed by June 15, 2003.  Kathy Lyons has been working with suppliers for Pro Shop merchandise.


Marina Committee - The Marina Committee is meeting simultaneously with the Selectmen's Meeting.


Recreation Commission - The Recreation Commission held a meeting on May 30, 2003 to set calendar of events and will advertise in FINS


Petitions and Communications - The Ferry Haul Out Facility has made a bad parking problem and almost impossible situation at the Administration Building  - Carl Hommel


Key for the Community Center should be given to people that need access for events, meetings, etc.



Law Enforcement - received a letter from MMA stating the Selectmen can establish a Law Enforcement Agency.  Police Chief to be appointed by Town Manager and the hours to be set by Town Manager, Selectmen, and First Response.


Motion to create a Town of Frye Island Law Enforcement Agency made by Bob Roberts and seconded by John Crosby - Unanimous


Ferry Haul Out Facility - On May 22, 2003 the ferry was pulled with Atlantic Mechanical, Inc., Kleinschmidt Associates, and the winch manufacturer present. The problem with the travel of the carriage still exists, the winch manufacturer made some minor adjustments to the controls - but there still seems to be some problem with the  up and down pushbutton.  The punch list has not been  completed as of May 22, 2003.  Atlantic Mechanical, Inc. requested the use of the ferry for May 31, 2003 to check on the rails under the water.  Wayne to  contact State Electrical Inspector  to inspect the electrical installation of the Ferry Haul Out Facility.


Water System - On Thursday, May 29, 2003, a meeting was held with the State Revolving Fund Administrator and A. E. Hodsdon to review the Water System Report prepared by Hodsdon.


Water Monitoring not in full compliance with regulations.


Selectmen agreed to implement the initial proposals from Hodsdon for Water System Improvements in the amount of $500,000.00 pending vote at the July,  2003 Town Meeting.  Wayne to contact Maine Bond Bank and inquire about interest amount and payments on a $500,000.00 loan so these amounts can be incorporated into the Warrant Article for Town Meeting.



Received a letter from the Town Attorney, Larry Clough, stating the agreement that was reached between the Treacys and the Town for access through the Recreation Area was all that was needed and no need for Eric Bedell to agree.


Warrant Articles for July, 2003 Town Meeting:

     1.  Elect Moderator

     2.  Elect Selectman

     3.  Planning Board - Zoning Changes

     4.  Water System - borrow money


The Draft Schedule  for Preparation & Approval of the 2004 Budget were presented.  The August dates are close together because Labor Day falls on the 1st of September - the September dates can be adjusted to coincide with the October Town Meeting.


Motion to transfer $2,285.58 from Water Reserve to pay A.E. Hodsdon for Water System Engineering Made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Motion to transfer $737.50 from Revaluation Reserve Fund to pay Main Appraisal Services made by Bob Roberts and seconded by James Kuiken - Unanimous


New lighting at Community Center in Teen Room - will look at adding lighting in the Teen Room to accommodate Ceramic Classes - cost not to exceed $1000.00.


The Personnel Policy will be worked on this summer, hopefully approved this fall.


Motion for the Town of Frye Island to join Regional Disaster and Disaster Aid Agreement for Cumberland County made by John Crosby and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Motion to go to Executive Session made by James Kuiken and seconded by Bob Roberts - Unanimous


Returned from Executive Session - discussed personnel


Motion to adjourn at 12:15 PM made by Bob Roberts and seconded by James Kuiken - Unanimous


Respectfully submitted,


James L. Kuiken