MARCH 22, 2003


The location of the meeting was the Holiday Inn Express, Saco, ME


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by James L. Kuiken


Selectmen:  James L. Kuiken, John Crosby, Robert Roberts


BIT: Pat Karpacz, Dave Decker, Dick Giggey, Grace Morin


Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier


Motion to accept the Minutes of the March 1, 2003 Selectmen's Meeting made

by James Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts - Unanimous



Quickbooks cannot  do a Profit and Loss Statement to coincide with the Balance

Sheet and Trial Balance - The Profit and Loss Statement includes everything to

the time when it is printed.


Discussion about 2003 taxes collected - there seems to be more unpaid 2003 taxes

collected than in previous years.


Fire Department Budget - What is the $12,500.00 in the Reserve Account?  Wayne

to investigate and let us know.


The Check Warrant that is emailed for approval should be a spread sheet and the


Right of Way on ferry approach road - waiting for deed from Carl Bloom.


Lot 3 on the Cape Road - Town of Frye Island can receive a building permit to

build a Town Hall, but the deed restriction of residential only still applies and

abutters can sue in civil court.

Motion made by James Kuiken to withdraw The Town of Frye Island's offer

to purchase lot 3, seconded by Robert Roberts.  James Kuiken & Robert

Roberts for - John Crosby against;  BIT Unanimous


Motion by James Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts to renew The Town

of Frye Island's lease for the office space in Windham - Unanimous


A committee comprised of Robert Roberts, Dave Decker, and Wayne Fournier

was formed to investigate a plan for a Town Hall on Frye Island and on the

mainland for a winter Town Hall.


Received a quote from Trashy Women to collect garbage - Wayne to get a firm

price for pick-up.  Pick-up to be once a week and twice on holiday weekends

when the Island is open in April, May, June, September, October, and November

and twice a week during high season.


The Town of Frye Island has a contract with The Town of Raymond for Dispatch

Services which runs thru 2003. 


The Town of Frye Island has a contract with The Town of Raymond for First

Responder/Contract  Fire Service Agreement which ended June 30, 2002.

This contract included EMS Services at $200.00 per call.  Town of Frye Island

to pay Town of Raymond $3600.00 for 18 EMS calls.

John Crosby stated that if Raymond is going to be The Town of Frye Island's

Dispatch it should be a true dispatch center and make daily fire announcements,

and there should be a Paramedic on every EMS run.  John also stated that when

Raymond Dispatch does not call Frye Island Fire Department, Frye Island

should not pay the service charge.


Ron Faucher, Portland Water District's Source Protection Coordinator, indicated

that the 750 septic systems applies to the entire Town of Frye Island.

2002 AUDIT:

The audit will be started week of March 24, 2003


Ferry - Wayne expects to have four captains (Martin, Bud, Jim, and Ross) return.


Recreation Director - Wayne has hired Sarah Wolcheski to fill this position. Sarah

is currently the Activities Director for the Portland Boys and Girls Club during

the school year.


Golf - Jay Larrabee will return as Greenskeeper and Laura Crosby has been hired

as the Manager of the Lounge and Pro Shop.


Office - Nancy McEnaney has taken several classes this winter, she will be the

Deputy Town Clerk, Assistant Tax Collector, Sexual Harassment and Personnel

Policy Coordinator.


The Town of Frye Island has been placed on a 60 day trial period for issuing new

registrations.  If everything goes well during this trial period, the Town of Frye

Island will be able to issue new registrations permanently.

Norden Lots:


Wayne has been in contact with the MMA for interpretation of Frye Island's

Zoning Ordinances.  The Planning Board will be contacted and told of MMA's



Motion made by James Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts to charge people

for Ambulance Services and Septage Disposal Fees - Unanimous


Motion made by Dave Decker and seconded by James Kuiken to not accept the

Marina Policy and Addendum in it's present form, if the words "and exceptions"

are removed from the second paragraph and add BIT to items 3, 5, & 6 of the

Addendum the BIT Board will accept the Marina Policy and Addendum as

corrected - Unanimous


Motion made by Robert Roberts and seconded by John Crosby to accept the

Golf Policy as presented - Unanimous


Motion made by Robert Roberts and seconded by John Crosby to provide deficit

spending up to $6,500.00 for the Parking Lot project at the Golf Course -



The Bit agreed that access to the Town Manager will be by appointment only and

the Chair of Boards and Committees will be the contact person to Town Manager.


Motion to adjourn at 12:00 PM made by Robert Roberts and seconded by James

Kuiken - Unanimous


Respectfully submitted,
James L. Kuiken