SEPTEMBER 21, 2002



The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Town of Frye Island


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by James Kuiken


Selectmen:  James L. Kuiken, John Crosby, Robert Roberts

BIT:  Pat Karpacz, Dick Giggey, Grace Morin

Town Manager:  Wayne Fournier

Interim Town Manager:  Joe Potts

Treasurer:  Carl Hommel


Mark Thomas, President of Frye Island, Inc., presented the draft lease between

the Town of Frye Island and Frye Island, Inc.  Mark also made a presentation

saying that the Golf Course and Marina should be run by the Town of Frye Island.

The Board of Selectmen and Board of Island Trustees asked Wayne Fournier,

Town Manager, and Joe Potts, Interim Town Manager, to plug these numbers

into the proposed budget and present the amended budget at the 9-28-02



Public hearing on the Parking Ordinance - the Parking Ordinance as presented

will be amended to read as follows:


     No over night trailer parking and no trailer or vehicle parking will be

     permitted within  fifty (50) feet of an intersection unless otherwise posted.

     Trailer parking will be provided at the Paddock Lane Maintenance Facility

     at a fee of Fifty ($50.00) Dollars per year.  A signed Hold Harmless

     agreement will have to be signed by the trailer owner  and a sticker will

     be issued to acknowledge parking privileges.


Public Hearing on the Closed Facility Ordinance - after much input from the

public on concerns what this ordinance would do to the Town of Frye Island as

we now know it was withdrawn by the Selectmen.


     Motion to withdraw Closed Facility Ordinance was made by James Kuiken

     and seconded by Robert Roberts - Unanimous


Signed Check Warrant


Motion made by James Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts to accept

the minutes of the September 13, 2002 Selectmen's Meeting - Unanimous


Pat Karpacz made a presentation on creating a Recreation Commission. 


     Motion to create a nine (9) member Recreation Commission consisting

     of seven (7) adults and two (2) teenagers with Pat Karpacz as the liaison

     between the BOS/EC and the Recreation Commission made by John

     Crosby and seconded by Grace Morin - Unanimous


Motion to support the MMA Tax Reform initiative, but would like to know

where in increased revenue is going to come from made by James Kuiken

and seconded by Robert Roberts - Unanimous


Mainland Ferry Landing Road - Wayne Fournier and Joe Potts met with

Carl Bloom, owner of the property abutting the North side of said property.

Carl Bloom stated that he is getting his property surveyed and believes the

Ferry Landing Road encroaches his property by approximately three (3)

feet.  Carl Bloom would be willing to sell ten (10) feet of his property and

the forty (40) foot right of way to The Town of Frye Island for the sum of

Ten Thousand ($10,000.00) Dollars, and if any additional land is needed the

price would be One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars per foot.  The Board of

Selectmen  told the Town Manager to wait until a copy of the survey is

provided to the Town before taking any action.


Motion to set the dates of Wayne Fournier's appointment as Town Manager

from September 17, 2002 to June 30, 2003 made by James Kuiken and

seconded by Robert Roberts - Unanimous


The revised 2003 Budget was presented to the BOS/EC by Joe Potts -

after some discussion and concerns over several items, Joe Potts and Wayne

Fournier were asked to make several minor changes and plug the FII Lease,

Golf Course, and Marina into the budget and present it at the 9-28-02

Selectmen's Meeting.


Motion to adjourn at 1:35 PM made by James Kuiken and seconded by

Robert Roberts - Unanimous


Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken.