July 26, 2002


The location of the meeting was the Administration Building, Town of Frye Island, Maine


The meeting was called to order by James Kuiken at 3:00 PM

Selectmen:  James L. Kuiken, John Crosby, Robert Roberts 

BIT:  David Decker 

Treasurer:  Carl Hommel

Robert Roberts made the following motion: I move NOT to reappoint Richard Roedner to the position of Town Manager for the following reasons:


          1.  Town's yearly audit not completed


               a.  Ferry receipts do not match tickets sold


               b.  Tax receipts do not reconcile


              c.   Income account that nobody knows what it is


              d.  Do not know how much of 2002 taxes were collected in 2001


              e.  Do not know who has paid their taxes


         2.  Town's financials are not up to date


              a.  No financial reports have been received in two (2) years


              b.  Monthly bank statements were never reconciled


              c.  On April 27, 2002 was told to get financials in order for the May 25, 2002 meeting no

                   matter what it takes - no statements


              d.  Did not follow Accountant's recomendations in the 2000 audit - reserve accounts do

                   not belong with the operational funds;  was told to set up accounts for the reserve

                   funds - never completed


         3.  Has not completed tasks in a timely manner


              a.  Ferry repairs were to completed last fall


                   1.  Painting of engine rooms - accomplished in June 2002


                   2.  Fire Suppression System - not completed


                  3.  Anchor System - not completed


         4.  Managerial skills are insufficient to manage the Town's operations


              1.  Does not initiate suggestions and actions


              2.  Does not use the necessary follow-up procedures to accomplish tasks


              3.  Does not get involved with the Town's daily operations - was hired as a hands on



Motion seconded by John Crosby - Unanimous


Motion by Robert Roberts to place an ad for the position of Town Manager in the Sunday Portland Newspaper for two Sundays (August 4, 2002 & August 11, 2002) with resumes due by August 20, 2002.  Seconded by John Crosby - Unanimous


Motion by Robert Roberts to accept Jeff Snow's quote of $ 26,850.00 for construction of the

Basketball Court. Seconded by James Kuiken - Unanimous


Motion by James Kuiken to expend an additional $ 3,000.00 from the Recreational Reserve account

to cover cost of Basketball Court. Motion seconded by John Crosby - James Kuiken & John Crosby For, Robert Roberts Against


Signed the Check Warrant


Motion by James Kuiken to adjourn at 4:20 PM. Seconded by John Crosby - Unanimous


Respectfully Submitted,
James L. Kuiken