July 20, 2002


The location of the meeting  was the Fire Barn, Town of Frye Island, Maine


The meeting was called to order by James Kuiken at 2:10 PM


Present:  Selectmen:  James Kuiken, John Crosby, Robert Roberts

                BIT: Patricia Karpacz, Grace Morin

                Interim Town Manager:  Joseph Potts


Petitions and Communications

     Ferry Issues - Paul Bourque, Ferry Committee

          Paul presented a list of 15 items to the Selectmen, the Selectmen will review these

          15 issues at a workshop and correct the deficientcies


     Frye Island Trail System - Ed Charette

          Ed presented a map locating proposed hiking trails on Frye Island.  Ed will make 

          the map available for viewing at the Town Office.  Phase One of the Trail

          Proposal was identification of 5 existing trails (1. Chesnut Circle to Birch Road,

          2. Juniper Circle to Birch Road, 3.  Azalea Lagoon Trail, 4. Mueller Trail,

          5. Rec Hall Beach Trail) and 2 new trails (1. Community Center Trail and

          2. Rec Hall Beach Trail).  Phase Two of the proposal is to improve the existing

          trails and connect them to each other with entrances at several easements.


     Lot 507 - M. Theresa Lane

          Mrs. Lane explained the issue of cutting a tree down between Beach 3 and the

          Lane Property (Lot 507).  Mrs. Lane stated that permission to remove the tree

          was given by Rich Roedner and that she would present a copy of the email

          stating permission.


     Basketball Court - Greg Tedford

          Greg presented a copy of the specifications that were given to approximately 10

          contractors to construct a basketball court at the Community Center.  Only

          2 bids were received to perform this project.


MOTION 32-2002 - James Kuiken made a motion to speak with the 2 contractors

                                   (A&W Paving and Tom Moulton Paving) and discuss their

                                   proposals.  John Crosby seconded the motion.

                                   James Kuiken and John Crosby - Yes

                                   Robert Roberts - No

                                   Patricia Karpacz and Grace Morin - Yes


Minutes Approval


     MOTION 33-2002 - Robert Roberts made a motion to accept the minutes of the

                                        May 25, 2002, June 22, 2002, June 28, 2002, July 5, 2002,

                                        and July 12, 2002 Selectmen's Meetings.  John Crosby

                                        Seconded the motion.

                                        The minutes were approved unanimously with the following

                                        exception - change the location of the May 25,2002 meeting

                                        from the Community Center to the Fire Barn.


Election of Executive Committee Officers


     MOTION 34-2002 - Pat Karpacz made a motion to table the election of officers

                                        until all the BIT members are present.  Motion seconded

                                        by Grace Morin.

                                        Motion passed unanimously


Financial Information


     Joe Potts said that there would be a shortfall in taxes due to the fact that the tax

     base on the Grand List was less than the amount used to prepare the budget.


     Joe Potts is to check with the Assessor and ask the question - If people are living

     in unfinished dwellings, should the property be assessed at the percentage of

     completion rather than the minimum amount?


     Monies allocated to seperate accounts may not be accurate.


Manager's Report


     Parking Policy at mainland ferry access road - No Parking on right hand side of the

     road approaching the Island and parking with the wheels parallel to roadway and 1

     foot off pavement on right hand side of road leaving the Island.  A warning will be

     issued for the first infraction and the vehicle will be towed at owner's expense for

     each succeeding infraction.  No Parking signs and signs explaining the parking

     regulations will be posted.


     Public Beaches - Install signs saying the beaches are private and for use by property

     owners and their guests.


     Haul Out Facility - work has started - test borings were taken.  Before final working

     drawings are completed, a set of progress drawings will be needed to see if design

     is  what was envisioned.


     Painting of Community Center and Old Fire Barn - Williams Painting has submitted

     a Certificate of Insurance, colors have been chosen, and work will start in about

     two weeks.


     If anyone has any Budget Planning Items for the 2003 Fiscal Year, please send them

     to Joe Potts.


Other Business


     Vandalism at the Marina and Pool Bathrooms - ask the Sheriff's Deputy if he will

     lock the doors at dusk and the DPW will unlock the doors at 8:00 AM


     Request by Mary Hunt for Reduced Ferry Fare for charity work was denied.


     Discussion concerning Commercial Traffic using Blue Ferry Tickets


MOTION 34-2002 - James Kuiken made a motion if a vehicle uses ferry for commerce,

                                  a $16.00 Ticket will be required.  Send a letter to contractors

                                  who are property owners stating this policy will take effect

                                  August 1, 2002.  Motion seconded by Robert Roberts.

                                  Motion passed unanimously.


     Youth Dance Request (Ashley Mcosker) - must have an adult present with workable

      phone and parent has to sign waiver Holding Town of Frye Island Harmless.


     Signs for Ballfield - Signs to state hours of operation are from 8:00 AM to sunset


     No Parking Signs for Marina Beach Causeway - No Parking - Drop Off Only -

     5 Minute Parking Maximum - Violators will be towed at owner's expense


     John Crosby to compose Parking Ordinance.




     Town Manager to supervise the utilization of staff.


     All bulk ferry tickets will be sold in the office - ferry crews to sell tickets for one trip only


MOTION 35-2002 - Motion made by Robert Roberts to go to Executive Session.

                                   Seconded by James Kuiken

                                   Motion passed unanimously


MOTION 36-2002 - Motion made by James Kuiken to return to regular meeting.

                                   Seconded by Robert Roberts

                                   Motion passed unanimously


MOTION 37-2002 - At 5:30 PM James Kuiken made a motion to adjourn.

                                   John Crosby seconded the motion.

                                   Motion passed unanimously


Respectfully submitted,

James L. Kuiken