Minutes of the Selectmen's Meeting - July 12, 2002 - Town of Frye Island


Meeting called to order at 3:00 PM by James Kuiken at the Administration Building, Frye Island

Present:       Selectmen - Jim Kuiken, John Crosby, Bob Roberts

                       Interim Town Manager Joe Potts

                       Other - Carl Hommel, Dave Decker

Items of Business:

1)     Check Warrant presented - Approved.

2)     Minutes of 7/6 Town Meeting - Approved with minor edits

3)     Minutes of 5/31, 6/7 & 6/14 Selectmen Meetings - Approved.

4)     Jim Kuiken nominated for Chairman of Board of Selectmen - Approved.

5)     Jim Kuiken indicated that he will attend the SAD #6; Town Manager will communicate participation to Hedy.

6)     Roedner Separation Payment Plan dated 7/9/02 - Approved with modification to include the requirement that Rich give signature indicating acceptance and will hold the Town harmless.

7)     Illegal Parking Enforcement Procedure for area by mainland ferry terminal was presented; includes Citation Notice, Log of Offenders and requirement to tow vehicles of repeat offenders. - Approved.

8)     Report on PWD Septage Fee; contract signed by Vic Richards, helps motivate cottage owners, needs to be included in Town Budget; Selectmen requested follow up gallons pumped per tank (appears to be too much)

9)     Report on Ferry Haul Out Facility; DEP visit on 7/11 went well; full permit required; email provided to Kleinschmidt on other Ferry Haul Out locations considered.

10)  Report on Ferry Items per discussion with Martin:

a)      Clock is up & running

b)      There is no established procedure for last minute second boat

c)      Jump to head of line for store in Policy & Guidelines

d)      Policy & Guidelines allow other heavy truck with cement truck

e)      Several pending action items:

i)       New Anchor System - getting marine vendor quote

ii)     Storage Locker - arrives soon

iii)   Fire Suppression System - getting manual CO2 bid

iv)    PFD Count - getting count by size

v)      Bilge Cleaning - developing plan

vi)    Security System for Ferry Trailer - following up on informal quote

vii)   Spill Kit Locker - will be filled

11)  Motion made to empower Town Manager to call into service a Second Ferry Boat when needed, dependant on crew & budget availability - Approved.

12)  Other actions directed:

a)      Request PWD to repair frayed cable on mainland ferry terminal

b)      Conrad & Jim to complete minutes of 6/22 Selectmen meeting

c)      Bob to draft ordinance for on-street parking on the Island

d)      Joe to send Don Willard copy of Comprehensive Plan

e)      Dave Decker volunteered to enter 2001 & 2002 Run Sheet data into Excel

Meeting Adjourned at 4:15 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Joe Potts, Interim Town Manager