JUNE 28, 2002


The location of the meeting was the Administration Building, Town of Frye Island

Meeting called to order by James Kuiken at 3:1111 PM

Present:     Selectmen James L. Kuiken, John Crosby, and Robert Roberts Joe Potts and Carl Hommel

Motion:     Renew Public Official's Liability insurance made by James Kuiken and seconded by Jobs Crosby - Unanimous

Motion:     Appoint Joseph Potts as Interim Town Manager made by .lames Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts- Unanimous

Motion:     Close Personnel File on Rich Roedner if no legal action is taken by Rich Roedner made by .tames Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts-Unanimous

Motion:     Install Security System with Central Monitoring at Ferry Trailer made by James Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts - Unanimous

Motion:     To accept Mainland's quote of surveying tats 1 & 2 for S 1,450.00 made by James Kuiken and seconded by Robert Roberts- Unanimous

Signature Cards for signing checks -   Carl Hommel, Conrad Therberge, and Joseph Potts will he able to sign checks

Policies: Ferry Tickets are NOT to be sent by Mail

Rental of Community Center -    $225.00 per event, $200.00 Security Deposit (both to he paid up front) Set-up & Clean-up by renting party.

Health Can Needs for Person on Island -  Residents in good standing ride for free Renters have to pay

Discussions:    Recreation - Check with Anne Charette

Mike Kennedy - have background check

SAD 6- Remove Rich Roedner from the Funding Workshop on Aug. 22, 2002 - need a new representative

Painting - Williams Painting - needs Certificate of Insurance Colors need to be selected Start after July 8, 2002

Surplus Equipment -    John Crosby discussed the procedures for purchasing surplus equipment

DPW - need to hire 4th person (part time position)

Sheriff hits been sworn in

Ferry - Inspect painting of engine rooms and ask Logan for touch up paint

Signed Check Warrant

Executive Session - discussed personnel matters

Returned from executive session and adjourned at 5:00 1'M

Respectfully submitted,
James L. Kuiken