April 27, 2002


The location of the meeting was the Administration Office, Frye Island Maine.


Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 4:10PM.


Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, Robert Roberts, John Crosby

                        Mark Thomas, Richard Giggey, Patricia Karpacz, David Decker, Richard Roedner


Attendees:     Oleg Svetlichny, Jean Toomey, Paul Bourque and Donald Nolen.


            The lake level has increased approximately eighteen inches by opening weekend.  Lake level is now at 263 feet which is sufficient for normal operations.  Some concerns about the lake receding back to a low level during the summer.  Lowering the ramp was discussed and could only happen if the steel crossbeam can be lowered.  The lowering of the ramp would gain about three inches. 


            There is a need to have plan in effect if the water recedes during the year.  Some suggestions were to have Jeff Snow review this potential plan and be ready to dredge if necessary.  In the last meeting it was pointed out that we should do an engineering study of the problem and continue with this proposal.  Talk to Steve Ruel and get a proposal from him.  In the last meeting the criteria was set so the engineering study should be done and ready for the next Town Meeting.


            Selectmen agreed to continue with the job of getting the engine rooms painted.  In addition, the fire suppression system was discussed and to continue with this proposal.  Crosby threw a major tirade about not being close to Portland and not getting any painters.


            The steel dumpsters were not on the island because of the water level before opening weekend.  They will be ordered and put in place shortly.  It was agreed to change the hours of the brush dump to Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.  There will be an attendant there to help people and control the disposal.  The selectmen want to continue with the gates opened during the week about three feet so that people can walk in with household trash.  Some concerns about the wood disposed of at the brush dump.  The need to have the maintenance crew chip this wood and not bury it.


            The office will not be giving out the key to the brush dump.  There are several reasons for this change in procedure, 1-the gates remain open and improper disposal of solid waste occurs 2-the key is given to a friend.  There needs to be more monitoring of the brush dump.  New signs will be made up to identify where to place trash in this area.  The storing of white goods will have to wait until we can have the metal Dumpster in place.


            The Town will be changing its financial software from the current software to Quicken.  Trio did not meet the Town’s needs so it was decided to go with Quicken software.  Trio agreed to have its Windows version working in the spring and so far the company has not beta tested this software.  It appears that testing will be happening late May.  An account temp will be setting up the books for Quick books and entering all the data from the beginning of the year. This person has not been hired as of yet.


            The Town audit will be completed soon.  James Kuiken wants to have financial statements done by next selectmen’s meeting.  The lease between Frye Island Inc. and The Town of Frye Island needs to be done in May.    Some other topics brought up at the meeting are the assessors computerized software package, which was encumbered in 2001.  The fixed assets program will be established.  A tax bill will be produced for the next meeting.  James Kuiken requests for the total payroll for Administration.  Giggey asked to have financial statements to be clear, and to have a resolution of the Trio software issue.


            The committee on the ferry operations has concerns on safety of these two vessels; maintenance logs being kept up to date, and mates operating policy.  There is need to develop a better anchoring system.  Safety classes should be provided to the crews. Water tight lockers for floatation devices and Labeling of floatation devices for children and adults.  Currently waiting for decals.  There needs to be a review on the engines of the ferry and discussing the replacement of these engines.


Motion 1-2002 James Kuiken made a motion to adjourn to executive session to discuss personnel issues.  John Crosby seconded this motion.  Unanimous


Selectmen’s meeting concluded at 6:45PM


Respectfully Submitted,


Conrad Theberge

Town Clerk