Minutes of Frye Island Board of Selectmen

(with input from BIT Executive Committee)

Frye Island Winter Office

Saturday, April 13, 2002



I.                 Call to Order


Kuiken called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.


II.               Attendance


In person: Jim Kuiken

Via phone: Bob Roberts, John Crosby, Pat Karpacz, Mark Thomas, Dave Decker, Dick Giggey, Fritz Mueller


Staff present: Richard Roedner


Also in attendance: Oleg Svetlichny


III.             Drought Update


Roedner reported that as of today, the water level in the lake was at 262.2, sufficient to run ferries with passenger vehicles, but not heavy loads.


Roberts noted that the other then the lack of a snow pack, we are in the same position as last year.


Roedner noted that the dredging project that had been scheduled for today had to be postponed as the National Guard had backed out on Friday, the 12th. They were taking another look at the project for the 19th. Thomas asked whether we even needed to dredge at this point in time. Roberts, Crosby and Karpacz felt it was much better to solve the problem permanently now, since we have low water concerns every year.


Kuiken and Roedner reported on the proposed ramps to be attached to the boats. After discussing materials, concerns over operating the boats, and cost, Dave suggested that we not pursue this option at this time.


Kuiken made a motion to hire Kleinschmidt Engineers to prepare a conceptual design for retro-fitting our landings to accommodate heavy loads, using Raymond's Tanker #1 as a benchmark, for water levels ranging from 261' to 267', and to determine the permitting required This should be completed by the end of June. The motion was seconded by Roberts. Svetlichny noted that our parameters were design issues, and that we should consider new boats in the design.


The motion as originally made was approved with a unanimous vote.


The issue of painting the engine rooms was raised, and it was determined that the painting should take place before the fire suppression systems, and by June 15. Crosby asked why more painters hadn't been contacted. The manager replied that only two could be found that would come to the landing, and one of those wouldn't return calls.


Roedner was asked to consult with DEP on moving rocks in the path of the ferry through a permit by rule.


Roedner was asked to get additional quotes on the fire suppression systems.


It was decided to hold another special meeting on April 27 at 4:00 p.m.


Roberts made a motion to allocate $5,000 for anchor replacement/enhancement and to have it speced out by Hamilton Marine. The motion was seconded by Decker, and approved with a unanimous vote.


Crosby suggested contacting a shipwright in Portland.


Roedner noted that there were several lifejackets that dated back to the opening of the island, that had become old, moldy or water logged and needed to be replaced. It was agreed that the Ferry Director should develop a plan for inspecting/replacing the lifejackets on an annual basis, and that the lockers should be checked to determine why water was getting in. Crosby suggested that we plan to replace 40 per year.


As further preparation for opening the island with potential low water, the Board agreed to close the brush dump except for certain hours when staff would be present. It was agreed that septic hauling companies would have to be let over, but that they would have to arrange it with the Ferry crew ahead of time, and would have to come over in the smallest truck they had, and that they should only be allowed to pump a single tank per trip.


The Board instructed Roedner to have Public Works allow Perham Construction to store construction debris on our property until such time as the lake level has come up enough for him to remove it. The manager was instructed to contact Perham and notify him of this.


IV.            Public Hearing


The Board opened the public hearing on the liquor license application of Frye's Leap General Store/Cafe.


There were no comments from the public. Crosby suggested that the owner of the adjacent property, Treacy, should be added to the application as a portion of the cafe's deck is on the Treacy property. A motion to grant the liquor license to Frye's Leap General Store and Cafe was made by Kuiken, with the suggested language included. The motion was seconded by Roberts and all were in favor.


V.              Other Business


Kuiken reported that Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey had requested that the Board approve a bit more money for the playground, to enable the addition of a new slide. Kuiken made a motion to increase the allocation for the playground to $19,615. The motion was seconded by Decker, and all were in favor.


Roedner reported on a request from Cammy Reali to use the ballfield, tennis courts, pool and beaches for a Portland-Shinagawa Youth Exchange event on Saturday, August 17. The Board felt that with the limited number of tennis courts, these should probably not all be let out. However, Long Beach, the courts at the pool and the pool could all be used. The Board agreed to not charge for ferry passage, but requested that the number of vehicles be limited.


The Board discussed the lease between FII and the Town, and requested that staff calculated the following:


            FII taxes due, with golf and marina broken out

            FII insurance, with golf and marina broken out

            Total office salaries


Roedner reported that the delivery date of the windows version of the new software that we had purchased has changed from early summer to late fall. Compounded with difficulty the office is having with the financial module, Roedner raised the idea of switching to Quick Books for the finances, at least for the balance of this year. Roedner was instructed to seek outside assistance for the transfer. It was suggested that our auditor, Trio and/or Intuit be contacted. In any event, someone should be hired ASAP.


Crosby made a motion to reappoint Conrad Theberge as our DMV Agent. The motion was seconded by Kuiken, and all were in favor.


Roberts made a motion to adjourn at 12:15 p.m. The motion was seconded by Kuiken, and all were in favor.


Respectfully Submitted,



Richard Roedner

Town Manager