Minutes of Town of Frye Island

Board of Selectmen/BIT Executive Committee

March 23, 2002


Holiday Inn Express, Saco, Maine


I.                 The Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.


II.               Selectmen present: James Kuiken (in person), John Crosby (via phone) & Bob Roberts (via phone)


BIT Executive Board members present: Pat Karpacz, Mark Thomas, Dick Giggey (via phone), Dave Decker (in person)


Others attending: Jeanne Sullivan-Toomey, Oleg Svetlichny (both in person), Diane Babinea, Fritz Mueller, Carl Hommel, Tim Tinsman, Steve Comley (all via phone)


Staff present: Richard Roedner, Town Manager, Patty Noyes, Deputy Town Clerk


III.             Approval of Minutes


The January 19 minutes were not ready for approval.


IV.            Manager's Report


Roedner reviewed the manager's report submitted in writing. For the May meeting, Roedner was requested to have a list of reports from the new software package.


V.              Financials


Questions were raised about the financial report, including the location of the note for the DPW pickup truck, why the change in the Island Improvement Fund, balance of reserve accounts. Manager was instructed to get the financial reports into shape.


Svetlichny requested a list of the Chart of Accounts.


VI.            Petitions from Public


Svetlichny read into the record a letter regarding the proposed SAD 6 budget for the coming year.

Svetlichny read into the record a letter requesting compensation for SAD 6 Board member in line with the compensation for Selectmen, specifically ferry tickets for each meeting attended.


Svetlichny read into the record a letter requesting that the FINS publish a list of all boards and their members, including School Board members, Planning Board and Appeals Board, and that in the future this list be in the annual winter newsletter.


Svetlichny read into the record a letter congratulating the BOS for beginning the effort to maintain our ferries. He raised a concern that the boats sitting on the sand for the winter, if they were in contact with sediments that were on one end or the other of the pH scale, could be experiencing localized corrosion. He stressed the need to get the boats out of the water for inspection. He also requested that the mixing of commercial and passenger vehicles be limited, regardless of the water level of the lake.


A letter from Bob Boyd, requesting the opportunity to open a vendor stand at the Marina was read into the record. Questions of zoning, contractual issues with FII and the store were raised. The Board noted that it would have to investigate this further before rendering an opinion.


VII.          Old Business


A.              SAD 6 Update


Svetlichny suggested that we petition the Legislative Leadership to allow Frye Island to enter into an educational agreement, along the lines of the one submitted to the State, with another community.


The Board noted that this should be looked at by the SAD 6 Negotiating Committee. The Selectmen members of the Negotiating Committee said they would like to have a meeting of the full committee early in May.


Donation to Faith Littlefield Scholarship Fund


Crosby made a motion to donate $250 to the Faith Littlefield Scholarship Fund, in honor of Faith Littlefield, the Bonny Eagle Field Hockey coach that died this past year. The motion was seconed by Kuiken, and approved, with Thomas, Giggey and Roberts opposing.


B.              Water System update


Manager was instructed to solicit bids from contractors for completing the installation of the water intake extension. Roedner commented that he had been trying since January to contact our project manager at the Dept. of Water Resources to find out the process from here, and had not received any calls back.


C.              Comprehensive Plan Update


Mueller reported that the comments received from the Office of State Planning were being addressed, with an eye toward a spring public hearing and adoption at the July Town Meeting.


Svetlichny asked about implementation, and Mueller responded that several of the goals had already been implemented, and that others would be ongoing following the adoption of the plan.


VIII      New Business


A.              Public Hearing


1.               Liquor License Application for Frye Island Inc.


No comments were received from the public. Kuiken made a motion to approve the license application. The motion was seconded by Crosby and passed unanimously.


2.               Liquour License Application for Frye's Leap Inc.


The application had not been received, so this was tabled.


B.              Review FII/Town Lease


Thomas reported on the draft lease, which is designed to cover all costs between FII and the Town in an itemized fashion, not the current 'net' fashion. This way it will be clear what services are provided in each direction, and at what cost.


Kuiken concurred that the lease should be explicit, and that in the final analysis, the net change in cost to each party is zero.


The Boards agreed that this was the appropriate way to proceed.


C.              Review 2002 Ferry Schedule


The schedule was approved as written, with numerous corrections suggested by Kuiken. The shedule will be printed and posted on the web page.


Crosby offered a motion to allow contractors over before the island opens, at $50.00 per trip, in a fashion similar to after the close of the season last year, and subject to the Captain's discretion. The motion was seconded by Roberts. The motion was tabled until April 13, when the Selectmen will hold a special meeting to evaluate the lake levels with respect to opening day.


D.              Ferry Maintenance tasks for 2002


Kuiken offered a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $15,000 ro repair the rudders on the Ellie Corliss, with the funds to come from the Ferry Reserve Account. The motion was seconded by Crosby, and approved by a unanimous vote.


The work on the electrical systems on both boats was put off until the island opens. Crosby and Kuiken offered their services as Licensed Electricians to perform the work as long as the Town provides the materials.


Crosby made a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $10,000 to install a fire supression system in each boat. The motion was seconded by Karpacz, and approved by unanimous vote.


Kuiken made a motion to have the Town Manager obtain design costs from Kleinschmidt Associates for the construction design of a rail-based haul out system to be located on the island, and to incorporate a new/repaired boat ramp. The funding to come from the Ferry Reserve Account. The motion was seconded by Roberts, and approved by a unanimous vote.


Crosby made a motion to authorize up to $10,000 to have the Town Manager obtain a painting contractor to paint the interior of both engine rooms, including cleaning, inspection, corrosion treatment as needed, priming and painting, with a white epoxy. The motion was seconded by Roberts and all were in favor.


Crosby noted that these projects should have been done last year.


E.               Certification of 2001-2002 MeDOT URIP


Kuiken made a motion to certify the use of the 2001-2002 MeDOT URIP funds. The motion was seconded by Roberts, and approved by a unanimous vote.


F.               Purchase of playground equipment


After a presentation of the alternatives from Sullivan-Toomey, Kuiken made a motion to award the bid to O'Brien & Sons, for $18,767. The motion was seconded by Crosby, and approved by a unanimous vote.


G.              Appointments


1.               Bill Foye as Code Enforcement Officer


Kuiken made a motion to appoint Wesly (Bill) Foye as our Code Enforcement Officer for 2002. The motion was seconded by Roberts and approved by a unanimous vote.


2.               Bud Faulk as Constable


Kuiken made a motion to appoint Bud Faulk as constable for 2002. The motion was seconded by Roberts and appoved by a unanimous vote.


I.       Sheriff Update


Roedner reported that he was still working with the Sheriff's Office regarding coverage for 2002, and that a final response had not been recieved.


J.      Drought Contingency Plans


Roedner referenced the written report that was included in the packet. Kuiken asked about footing depths, and asked to have them located as soon as possible to ensure that no damage will result from removing material via dredging. Crosby noted that this should have been done earlier.


Crosby suggested that a back up contractor be kept up to speed in case the National Guard was unable to complete the project.


Roedner was instructed to have the whip cables on the mainland gantry replaced in line with the Kleingschmidt review. Roedner replied that DPW had been instructed to take care of this modification.


Roedner was instructed to have two ramps constructed to allow access to the ferries without a severe slope on the gantry. The ramps should be approximately 3' tall and 18' long, and as wide as the boats.


Roedner was asked about power to the island, and noted that he was not aware of any issues, but we won't be able to tell until we get to the island.


Crosby noted that the fire department would be on the island early in order to have fire protection services available from day one. He requested that the water system be charged to the extent needed to provide domestic services to those fire fighters that will be coming up early. It was noted that this is a bit dependent on weather and any problems that may be discovered once we get onto the island, and on whether the pumps will hold their prime in low water levels.


The Board concurred that the brush dump should be closed to all material, with the excpetion of specific hours for brush to be brought in while the facility is attended. This will minimize the need to have large containers of solid waste taken off the island in the event of low water.


Roberts noted that he was concerned about opening if an ambulance couldn't get to the island, and that if that is the case, the island should remain closed.


The Board noted that the rudder repairs should be completed by April 15.


IX.            Other Business


Crosby made a motion to increase ferry ticket prices by $3.00 for Blue Ticket and $4.00 for Red Tickets, anticipating higher costs and lower revenues for 2002. The motion failed for lack of a second.


VIII.        New Business


H.              Island Improvement Fund


The FII Board joined the Selectmen for a joint discussion of the monies FII paid for services on the island this past year. Thomas reported that the following were expenditures that FII undertook, and requested that the Town consider placing an equal sum into the Island Improvement Fund:


Ferry Haul Out Study              $5,000

Ferry Repairs                          $22,980

Rent                                         $950

Carpet Cleaning in Admin       $127

Warning System                      $3,500

Winter Meetings                      $1,000

Gravel                                     $10,000


In addition, Thomas reported that the FII Board had voted to forgive the General Administrative Lease and the Maintenance Building Lease for 2001, for the following amounts:


Admin. Lease              $13,650

Maint. Lease                $7,200


IX.            Other Business (continued)


Roedner was asked if he had completed a volunteer plan for the coming year, to utilize the services of volunteers. He responded that it was not complete at this time.


Roedner was asked to prepare a report for the April 13 special meeting that would address the potential loss of revenue should the island not open this season.


X.              Adjourn


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Richard Roedner

Town Manager