Minutes of Frye Island Board of Selectmen

(with input from BIT Executive Board)

Saturday, January 19, 2002


Frye Island Winter Office, Windham


I.                 Call to Order


The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.


II.               Roll Call


Members present in person: Jim Kuiken

Members present via phone: John Crosby, Bob Roberts

BIT members present via phone: Pat Karpacz, Mark Thomas, Dick Giggey, Dave Decker

Staff present: Richard Roedner, Town Manager, Patty Noyes, Deputy Clerk

Members of the public present: Oleg Svetlichny


III.             Approval of Minutes


A.              July 7, 2001 Town Meeting - motion to approve made by Kuiken, seconded by Karpacz and approved unanimously.

B.              October 6, 2001 Town Meeting - motion to approve made by Karpacz, seconded by Thomas and approved unanimously, with Giggey abstaining.

C.              October 13, 2001 Selectman's Meeting - motion to approve made by Kuiken, seconded by Crosby and unanimously approved with amendments.

D.              October 31, 2001 Selectman's Special Meeting - motion to approve made by Kuiken, seconded by Roberts and approved unanimously, with Crosby abstaining.

E.               December 14, 2001 Selectman's Special Meeting - motion to approve made by Kuiken, seconded by Roberts and approved unanimously, with Crosby abstaining.


IV.            Manager's Report


Manager presented his report as written.


V.              Financials


Year-end financials were presented and reviewed. Report for January 2002 was not available due to conversion to new software.


VI.            Petitions from Public


Svetlichny requested that a note be placed in the Annual Report indicating that a list of employees and salaries was available in the office.


VII.          Old Business


A.              SAD 6


Kuiken reported that he and Roedner attended the SAD 6 Budget workshop the previous Monday, and that the news was not good. SAD 6 is anticipating a drop in State aid by about $600,000 from last year.


Svetlichny requested that there be an item for a SAD 6 report be on each Board of Selectman's agenda.


Svetlichny requested that the SAD 6 newspaper be mailed to the out of town selectmen.


B.              Kuiken reported that the letter to the editor had been sent in December, but that the paper did not print it because of the length. It was agreed to shorten the letter and re-send.


C.              Comprehensive Plan


Roedner reported that the Comprehensive Plan was submitted to the State in October, which should have resulted in a December response, but that no response had been received yet, despite repeated calls to the project manager.


D.              Software Purchase


Roedner reported that the new software had been installed and was up and running.


Roedner was asked to find out about the BETA testing for the Windows financial package.


E.               DPW Truck Purchase


Roedner reported that the purchase had been completed, and that Kevin had taken possession of the new truck, and that it was working fine.


F.               Update on FII Reimbursement to Town


Mark requested an evaluation of where FII stood tax-wise, so that final adjustments could be made to reimburse the Town.


G.              Update on Office Reorganization


The Board suggested that the Manager establish office hours when drop in visits were allowed, but that at other times it be by appointment only. The Board also suggested that Excise Tax collections should be a function of the Tax Collector.


VIII.        New Business


A.              Proposed Funding for Revaluation


Kuiken made a motion to establish a reserve account for the revaluation, and that $8,000 be placed in this account in January and another $8,000 in July. The motion was seconded by Karpacz, and was approved with Giggey opposed.


B.              Proposed Funding for Playground Purchase


Kuiken made a motion that the town plan to pay for the playground equipment using $10,000 from the recreation reserve, and $10,000 from the Island Improvement Fund. The motion was seconded by Roberts, and approved unanimously.


C.              Proposed Funding for Basketball Court


Jim O'Connor had contacted the Board and expressed his desire that there be no lighting around the courts.


Crosby made a motion to allocate up to $12,000 from the Recreation Reserve Account for a full basketball court with no lights, and with two baskets. The motion was seconded by Kuiken and approved unanimously.


D.              Consideration of 2002 Sheriff Contract


Discussion was about level of sheriff coverage desired, ability of State Police to provide patrol services, and what are the requirements for sheriff patrol. Board requested to have constable appointment on the next agenda.




E.               Consideration of donation to Town of Lot 1251


The Board reviewed the correspondence from Ms. Eleanor Perkins, owner of Lot #1251, and her offer to donate to the Town. Kuiken made a motion to accept the gift from Ms. Perkins, forgive any back taxes owed, and to cover the costs of closing. The motion was seconded by Crosby, and approved by a unanimous vote.


F.               Revised 2002 Meeting Schedule


Roedner proposed some revisions to the 2002 meeting schedule based on the timing of Columbus Day, and the budget schedule. Kuikin made a motion to change the August 8 budget workshop to August 10, and the October 5 Town Meeting to October 12. The motion was seconded by Crosby and approved by a unanimous vote.


G.              2002 Ferry Schedule


The Board discussed the 2002 ferry schedule, and asked the Manager to present a draft schedule for the next meeting. Kuiken made a motion to open the 2002 season on April 26, with the last boat on November 4. The motion was seconed by Thomas and approved by a unanimous vote.


Based on a suggestion by Roberts, Kuiken made a motion to implement a new high season ferry schedule, only for the daytime shift, with scheduled 20 minute runs, with 2 breaks at 3 hour interval, during which there will be no service. The motion was seconded by Crosby and approved by a unanimous vote.


H.              Consideration of changes to health benefits


Roedner presented new Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield rates for health insurance, representing a 38% increase over the previous year. The Board considered shifting one half of the increase onto employees, as well as changeing coverages. The resolution was that the Town would cover the increase this year, but that employees should be notified that future increases may require an employee match.


I.                 Consideration of Developing Advisory Committees


The Board discussed Giggey's proposal for advisory committees.


The Board determined that a recreation committee would be a benefit to the island and the Manager. Karpacz offered to head up the committee, and would recommend 3-4 additional members to the Board for approval.


Roedner noted that a FINS committee would be very helpful, and would free up staff time for customer service. Roedner was asked to make the necessary arrangements to find volunteers for this effort.


A committee to help with the water system was deemed not necessary at this time.


A safety committee was deemed not necessary at this time. Roedner indicated that he had instructed both DPW and Ferry Departments to work on safety plans and training programs for the 2002 season.


J.                Consideration of Developing Drought Contingency Plan


After discussing issues surrounding a transportation committee, Giggey made a motion to have the Manager submit a permit application to DEP to dredge in the mainland slipway. The motion was seconded by Kuiken, and approved by a unanimous vote. Crosby noted that this was a public safety issue and should be the Manager's #1 priority.


IX.            Other Business


Thomas asked about the report from Pine Tree on our water system, and the need to increase the size of the storage tank. Roedner was asked to talk to Kevin about the operational need for additional storage, and to talk to the State about what was needed to begin work on the system upgrade.


Roberts made a motion to have Roedner contract with an engineer to re-evaluate the standpipe improvements, and to report back in March. The motion was seconded by Kuiken and approved by a unanimous vote.


Kuiken made a motion to begin work on extending the intake line, and to contract with professional help as needed. The motion was seconded by Roberts, and approved by a unanimous vote.


Giggey made a motion to have Roedner send a certified letter to SAPPI informing them of our need for water levels in excess of 262-263 by the end of April. The motion was not seconded.


Thomas noted that at the upcoming FII meeting, the Board would look at the Town/FII lease.


Crosby recommended that Roedner contact MMA about the liquor license for Frye's Leap Cafe with respect to the deck overhanging onto the abutting property, and whether this was a problem for the Town in approving the liquor license.


Kuiken noted that the FII liquor license would be considered by the Town at the March meeting.


Crosby asked about the storage container utilized last season by the store. Roedner noted that the store had been informed that the container could not be placed again without site plan approval from the Planning Board.


X.              Adjournment


Thomas moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Decker, and all were in favor. The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Richard Roedner

Town Manager