DECEMBER 14, 2001


Meeting came to order at 15:03 and a Roll Call was taken:

Members present were – Jim Kuiken, Bob Roberts,


Pat Noyes would be sworn in as Deputy Treasurer, in order to take over the duties required of the position, in Conrad Theberge’s absence.


A Motion was made by Jim Kuiken to purchase the Trio computerized systems package.  The motion was seconded by Bob Roberts.  Rich Roedner suggested that a stipulation be made that the price of the package would not exceed $13000.00.


The decision was made against purchasing the full Motor Vehicle Module because of the expense vs. the volume of registrations.  However, the Red Book would be included in the package.  This module allows for a more comprehensive method of vehicle valuation for registrations.  The cost will be $600.00.  The software should be installed by mid January.  Rich Roedner suggested that the Assessor, Robert Tripp, be consulted on his opinion of using the Trio Assessing Package.


Rich Roedner raised the question of transferring money from the Ferry Reserve Fund to cover the most recent repairs of both ferries.  Both Jim Kuiken and Bob Roberts agreed that the Ferry Reserve Fund should be held for Ferry Replacement or major repairs.


The meeting was adjourned at 15:20.


Respectfully submitted,



Pat Noyes

Deputy Town Clerk