October 13, 2001


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Frye Island Maine.


Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:02 P.M.


Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, John Crosby, Robert Roberts

Executive Committee Members: Patricia Karpacz, Richard Giggey, Dave Decker and Mark Thomas.


Attendees:      Oleg Svetlichny, Fritz Mueller, Ernest Wrzesinsky, Laura Crosby, Jan Roberts, Paul Bourque, David Treacy and Jean Sullivan Toomey.


Agenda 3         Approval of Minutes

A.     MOTION 86 John Crosby made a motion to accept September 22, 2001 minutes.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous


B.     MOTION 87 John Crosby made a motion to accept Town Meeting Minutes October 6, 2001 as amended. James Kuiken Second this motion. James Kuiken withdrew his second and John Crosby withdrew his motion. The Selectmen asked to review the amendments before approving the minutes.


Agenda 4

Report of Town Manager:


                        Working on the prop for boat #2.  The shaft is rusting from the inside.  Diver installed the shaft for a cost of $4,500.00.  There is a leak and the boat has been pumped out.  Next is to locate the leak and repair it.  James Kuiken asked if there was enough money in the budget.


Agenda 5

Financial Report: 


                        The board reviewed the financial report for the month of September.



Petitions and Communications from the Public


                                A.  Richard Giggey has concerns on the following

1.      Procedure for voting at the town meeting.

2.      State auditors report on valuations

3.      State valuation to sales ratio

4.      Assessment of houses – Ratio skewed

5.      Assessment for improvements

B.     Robert Tripp could do the revaluation for $16000.00.  Start the project this year and complete in 2003.  The new assessments would be used for the 2004 Tax Year. Would $16000.00 be enough to complete the valuation?  Assessor needs to be unbiased and fair.

C.     Send notice to each homeowner and let them know of the increase in valuation.

Old Business:


Agenda 7a

                        MOTION 88 Robert Roberts made a motion to endorse the Water System Evaluation Report, Frye Island Water System, as prepared by Pine Tree Engineering, and submit to the State Drinking Water Program. James Kuiken Second this motion.  Unanimous

Agenda 7b

                        SAD#6 update--Town Manager has contacted Durwood Parkinson attorney from Wells.  He is out of town for a couple days and should return call back to Town Manager.

Agenda 7c

                        MOTION 89 James Kuiken made a motion to award the contract for a 45 PPM Ricoh copier, for a term of 60 months, at the monthly rate of $136.07, plus a $20.42 monthly cost of copies, and a per copy overage cost of .007 per copy.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous


New Business:


Agenda 8a

                                    MOTION 90 James Kuiken made a motion to except the 2002 Meeting Schedule as follows.  Winter meetings will be held in winter office.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous


                                                January 19,2002 Selectmen                  August 8,2002 Budget

                                                March 23, 2002 Selectmen                   August 31, 2002 Budget

                                                May 25, 2002 Selectmen                      September 7, 2002 Budget

                                                June 22, 2002 Selectmen                      September 14, 2002 Budget

                                                July 20, 2002 Selectmen                       September 28, 2002 Budget

                                                August 28, 2002 Selectmen

                                                September 28, Selectmen

                                                October 19, 2002 Selectmen


                                                Town Meeting July 6, 2002 and October 5, 2002


Agenda 8b

                        Town meeting procedures and the outcome of the warrant article.  Ernest Wrzesinsky has 6 areas of concern. 

1.      Challenging a vote—law is 30-a 253B – 7 voters need to challenge then poll the voters

2.      Tie vote – person on the prevailing side need two-thirds vote to proceed.

3.      Cannot recess the Town Meeting after a vote

4.      Cap on money articles—the amount can be reduced not increased.

5.      Separation of voters—non voters to speak

6.      Name and address of voters


Robert Roberts made a motion to appoint a committee on voting procedures.  Later withdrawn.


Fritz Mueller said Board of Island Trustees operating according to Charter.


Agenda 8c

                        MOTION 91  James Kuiken made a motion to release all interest in Lots#1758 and Lots#1105 for payment of all back taxes, interest and fees.  Lot 1758 $1,067.50 taxes and $264.39 Interest $133.54 Fees.  Lot 1105 $726.10 taxes and $180.03 Interest $133.54 fees.  Robert Roberts second the motion.  Unanimous


Agenda 8d

                        MOTION 92 to award a bid for 2002 Pick-up truck for the amount of $23,971.00 or less.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous




Agenda 9a        MOTION 93 James Kuiken made a motion to appoint the following people to the Conservation Commission.


                        Ed Charrette Three years Chair Pro Temp

                        Klaus Salzman Three years

                        Kathy Potts Three years

                        Christa Mueller Two years

                        John Nun One year


                        Claire Ladow One year

                        Barbara Aranyi One year

                        Robert Roberts second the motion.  Unanimous


                        MOTION 94 James Kuiken moved to provide ferry service to contractors to and from the island during November and December.  Nothing larger then a pickup truck will be allowed.  The charge is $50.00 per vehicle.  There will one trip in the morning and one trip in the afternoon.  Each contractor must have a cell phone and give the number to the director of Public Works. John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous


                        MOTION 95 James Kuiken made a motion to accept a donation from Frye Island Inc. Monies received is to be placed in a capital reserve fund.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous


                        Meeting went into Executive Session to discuss personnel policy.




Respectfully Submitted,



Conrad Theberge

Town Clerk