September 22, 2001


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Frye Island Maine.


Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:55 P.M.


Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, John Crosby, Robert Roberts

Executive Committee Members: Patricia Karpacz, Richard Giggey, and Mark Thomas.


Attendees:     Oleg Svetlichny, Robert Ladow, Claire Ladow, Carlton Hommel, Margaretta Hommel, Diane Babineau, Donald Nolen, and Joseph Helbeck.


Agenda 3         Approval of Minutes

A.    MOTION 77 James Kuiken made a motion to accept July 7, 2001 Board of Island Trustees Minutes.  Mark Thomas second this motion.  Unanimous


B.    MOTION 78 James Kuiken made a motion to accept August 18, 2001 Minutes.  Motion second by Robert Roberts.  Unanimous


Agenda 4

Report of Town Manager:   


                        The Board of Selectmen appointed SAD#6 committee consisting of the three Selectmen, Oleg Svetlichny, William Gately, Dave Treacy, Grace Morin and Jane Conty. 


                        Congressman John Baldacci made a visit to the island on August 11.  He joined the boards for lunch and hosted a ‘Town Meeting’ to answer questions that were raised by the public.  He gave us what we hope will be sound advice for our efforts to re-structure our relationship with SAD#6.


                        FII legal issues—On August 8, 2001 I spent the morning with Tim Murphy, an experienced municipal and corporate attorney, and received a seven page letter discussing the various issues and understanding corporate law.  This letter was received in early September and distributed to the FII Board for review.


                        Junked Vehicle—For several years, there has been an abandoned, vandalized vehicle on North Beach Road.  Working closely with William Foye, CEO, the property owner, and Jeff Snow, we were able to have the vehicle removed and disposed of at minimal cost.


                        Solid Waste—I met with the DPW crew and a representative from Pine Tree Waste to overhaul our recycling program, and prepare the site for next year.  Changes in operation will ensue and will be posted at the site and in the FINS in the spring.


                        Town Buildings—I have received one proposal from an architect in Portland to review the Administration Building and the Community Center from a structural point of view.  I am awaiting another proposal from John MacGregor, an island owner. 


                        Ferry—The ferry policy review committee has scheduled a meeting for September 21 at 3:00 P.M.


                        Ball Field—Construction on the ball field has begun and is proceeding nicely.  Fund raising is still on going.


                        Budget—The draft Town Budget was prepared for distribution on August 25.   A public hearing was held on September1.



Agenda 5

Financial Report: 


                        Board reviewed financial report for month of August.


Petitions and Communications from the Public


Agenda 6a.

The selectmen received a letter from Jay Niles.  Some islanders are recommending changes to the ferry schedule.  Such as longer ferry operation hours, and make changes in the schedule for 2002.  Run 2 ferries during high season, change the ferry schedule to run later during Monday thru Friday, Start at 5AM on Monday, start at 5:30AM on Tuesday, have contractors take certain boats at specific times and let the islanders know what that schedule is.  Not have contractors use of the ferry from 5PM Friday to close on Sunday.  The Selectmen suggested to the Town Manager to write to Jay Niles and refer this letter to the Ferry Policy Committee.


Agenda 6b

MOTION 79-John Crosby made a motion to establish a FINS policy.  The articles in the FINS will not exceed 150 words. If these articles exceed 150 words then the Editor can send the article back to the author for revision.  The Editor is defined as the Town Manager.  James Kuiken second this motion.  Unanimous


Old Business:


Agenda 7a

                        MOTION 80-James Kuiken Made a motion to change Article2 of the draft Town warrant by adding One Million Four Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Seven Hundred One dollars.  The article will now read “To approve 2002 Budget as recommended by the Board of Selectmen, with an expenditure not to exceed 1,498,701.00.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Motion carried


                        In discussing article 7, The Board of selectmen decided to change article 7 to read as follows. To receive nominations and to elect an MSAD#6 School Board member by secret ballot, such term to expire in June 2004


                        MOTION 81—James kuiken made a motion to except articles 8 through 17 as written.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous

Agenda 7b

                                    Patricia Karpacz mentioned that people are willing to be on the conservation commission.  This commission will present policies for conserving the environment. Some of the islanders felt that the Code Enforcement Officer should have input in the conservation commission.  Others felt it would be too bureaucratic, would have permit problems, sheds would take all summer to approve.  Others felt that conservation Commission should be defined.  Other comments were making it to restrictive, need guidelines, concerns over beach erosion, and making people aware of the goals and guidelines of the commission.


                        MOTION 79-John Crosby made a motion to establish a conservation commission.  The selectmen will appoint up to five members.  James Kuiken second this motion.  Unanimous


New Business:


Agenda 8a

                                    Cumberland County Budget was discussed.  The County budget will be increasing by 16%.  There are some towns opposed to this increase and are willing to with hold funds.  The purpose is to have the county reconsider its budget proposal.  This increase to the island represents Eight Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Two dollars.  Other comments are that the county should use the more surplus to fund the operations.  (need too fill in motion by John c)


Agenda 8b

                        MOTION 82—James Kuiken made a motion to approve the 2002 budget as amended.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  James Kuiken, Robert Roberts, Mark Thomas, Patricia Karpacz, Richard Giggey were all in favor.  John Crosby opposed.  Motion carried


Agenda 8c

Discussion on SAD#6 withdrawal—Islanders and the boards are interested in knowing where we stand with this withdrawal.  Town Manager attended a SAD#6 board meeting and on the agenda was scheduled whether the board would hear from the Town of Frye Island.  Some of the discussion was on what to do next.  Richard Roedner reminded people that we need to exhaust all possibilities first before taking court action. 


John Nun brought up the point that maybe we should seek an attorney that has done this before.  The court case of Ogunquit Vs Wells where the courts set the rate per student.  We may be able to retain one of the two attorneys that represented one of the two towns.  SAD #6 represents the attorney that won the case. 


Agenda 8d

                        Comprehensive reimbursement will be applied for during the winter months. 


Agenda 8e

                        Discussion on changing the Selectmen meeting dates from October 20th to October 13th.  The board approved the change.




Agenda 9a

MOTION 83-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to appoint Paul Bourque to the Ferry Operating Committee.  Unanimous


Agenda 10

Executive Session

                        MOTION 84-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to go into Executive Session.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous


                        The Selectmen’s meeting was called back to order at 4:35PM. 


Agenda 11

                        No report from executive session       




MOTION 85-2001 at 5:47PM James Kuiken made a motion to adjourn.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous


Respectfully Submitted,


Conrad Theberge

Town Clerk