July 21, 2001


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Frye Island Maine.


Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:01 P.M.


Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, John Crosby, Robert Roberts

Executive Committee Members: Patricia Karpacz, Mark Thomas, and David Decker.


Attendees:      Carlton Hommel, Margaretta Hommel, Sally Bristol, Diane Babineau, Steve Comley, John Musorofiti, Richard Norris, Jean Sullivan Toomey, Paul Bourque, John Nun, Donald Nolen, Greg Tedford, and Frederick Mueller.


Agenda 3a

                        MOTION 57-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept June 2, 2001 minutes.  Patricia Karpacz second this motion.  Unanimous


Agenda 3b

                        MOTION 59-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept June 23, 2001 minutes as amended.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous


                        John Crosby and Robert Roberts nominated and voted James Kuiken as first selectmen.


Agenda 4

Report of Town Manager:   


                        Information on SAD#6 withdrawal progress.  Andy Broaddus and Rich Roedner met with the Windham School Superintendent about joining the Windham School District.  There is a tentatively scheduled a meeting with Windham School Board for August.  There will be an advertisement in the fins for volunteers for the SAD#6 withdrawal committee.  Andrew Broaddus will stay on until a replacement is appointed.


Agenda 5

Financial Report: 


                        Discussion on obtaining a new financial package that would integrate with all modules such as General Ledger, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Tax Receipts, and Accounts Receivable.


Agenda 6

                        Sheriff Update—Some people are concerned about the lack of enforcement on the island.  Some of the problems that have been identified are Rowdy parties, drinking on the beach, unregistered Golf carts, breaking the quiet hours.  Also, concerns about not citing people for breaking the laws. 


Petitions and Communications from the Public


Agenda 7a

                        Schwann’s delivery truck—The board decided to continue the previous policy.  If Schwann’s truck uses the ferry during high season then the cost of passage will be $45.00 plus the number of ferry tickets.


Agenda 7b

                        Volunteers will perform installation of lights at the basketball courts.  There will be no cost to the town for this project.


                        MOTION 60-2001 Mark Thomas made a motion that, at the discretion of the captain, if the dual wheel pick-up truck fits between the lines then the driver may pay one ticket.  John Crosby second this motion.  Two in favor and four opposed.  David Decker, Patricia Karpacz, Robert Roberts, and James Kuiken were opposed.  Motion failed.  


                        MOTION 61-2001 John Crosby made a motion that residents driving a dual wheel pick-up truck and displaying a Frye Island decal will pay one ticket.  However, the driver may be asked to wait for the next boat if the Captain feels it is unsafe for this vehicle.  Mark Thomas second this motion, Unanimous+


Old Business:


Agenda 8

                        Consider approval of Personnel Policy was discussed and tabled.

New Business:


Agenda 9a

                        The Ferry Policy Committee will consist of Town Manager, Ferry Service Director, Executive Committee, and an islander.  Appointed were Dave Decker, Martin Friedman, Rich Roedner, and John Musorofiti.


Agenda 9b

                        MOTION 62-2001 John Crosby made a motion to purchase Playground Equipment.  There was no second and motion was withdrawn.


MOTION 63-2001 Mark Thomas made a motion to allow ball field employees to use municipal equipment.  James Kuiken second this motion.  Five votes in favor and Dave Decker opposed.  Motion carried.




Agenda 10a

                        Board of Appeals

                        MOTION 64-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to appoint Watson Clark as a full member to the Board of Appeals.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous


Agenda 10b

                        Planning Board

                        James Kuiken made a motion to appoint Thomas Burgess as an associate member to the Planning Board.  Robert Roberts second this motion.  Unanimous


Agenda 10 c


                        Questions concerning this position were 1- appointing yearly 2-Job description 3-how many have applied? 


                        MOTION 65-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to go into Executive Session.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous.




                        M0TION 66-2001 at 4:35PM James Kuiken made a motion to adjourn.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous


Respectfully Submitted,


Conrad Theberge

Town Clerk