June 2, 2001


The location of the meeting was the Community Center, Frye Island Maine.


Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:06 P. M.


Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, John Crosby, Joseph Potts

Executive Committee Members: Patricia Karpacz, Richard Giggey, Mark Thomas and David Decker.


Attendees:      Kathleen Potts, David Treacy, Donald Nolen, Carlton Hommel, George Taylor Frances Taylor, Ernest Wrzesinsky, Sally Bristol, William Gately, Margaretta Hommel, Diane Babineau, Timothy Toomey, Judith Comley, and Barbara Hannah.


            Agenda 3

Minutes:         MOTION 35-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept March 24, 2001 minutes.  Richard Giggey second this motion. Unanimous


            Agenda 4

Report of Town Manager:   


                        John Crosby presented some concerns to the board.  He asked about the loss of power last fall? Whether some or all have the island was affected.  Mentioned about the closure of the roads was under the responsibility of the Road Commissioner.  The director of Public Works is not the Road Commissioner so he or she cannot close the roads.  Hillside Lumber trucks were allowed to come over the day before contractors that were opening up cottages.  He asked that we not allow this procedure to continue.  John pointed out that contractors in the past could come over to the island two days prior to the opening of the island.  One final thing the Sheriff be sworn in as Constable.


            Agenda 5

Financial Report: 


                        James Kuiken expressed concerns over original journals, accounting system and the format presented to the selectmen.  Richard Roedner said that he would look into these concerns and make adjustments.


                        Richard Roedner presented budgetary issues to watch over the next few months.  The increase in SAD#6 school tax portion.  The county budget has been approved higher then projections.  Solid Waste has increased to $76.00 per ton and budgeted $75.00 per ton.  Workers Compensation and health insurance has increased significantly.  In the Security Budget we will have a surplus because of only one officer hired for the island.


Agenda 6


Petitions and Communications from the Public


                        George Taylor mentioned that we should use mikes at the meetings. 


                        Ernest Wrzesinsky mentioned that the land use maps point out that we have septic systems on public lands.  Some of these septic systems are on beaches, and golf course—we should monitor these very closely.  These leach fields are located on Frye Island Inc. property.  These are public safety issues.


                        Island Registrations should go to support the roads.


                        You should have an attorney present when going into executive session. 


                        Sally Bristol discussed the price of two tickets for dual wheel pickup trucks.  She doesn’t agree with the board and would like to get the price down to one ticket.  She presented the fact that this vehicle fits between the lines.


Old Business:            

            Agenda 7a

Water System Update—Pat Karpacz felt that Pine Tree Engineering has not fulfilled part of the contract and should not be paid.


                        Mark Thomas feels that Pine Tree Engineering owes presentations. We need comments on solutions for the problems. We received very little technical information from them.  Mark felt that comments should be sent to Richard Roedner by June 8, 2001.


            Agenda 7b

                                    Consider Approval of Personnel Policy—Discussion on the policy from paying people weekly, classification of employees (volunteer help and current employees).  Elected people working for the town.  It was decided that a workshop should be established on June 23,2001 at 1:00 PM to discuss the personnel policy.


            Agenda 7c

                                    James Kuiken made a motion to approve the Purchasing Policy for the Town of Frye Island, dated June 2, 2001.  Joseph Potts second this motion.  Unanimous.


            Agenda 7d

                                    MOTION 36-2001 John Crosby made a motion to tape Selectmen’s Meetings.  James Kuiken second the motion.  Motion failed.  John Crosby and Dave Decker voted in favor.  Five voted against.


                                    MOTION 37-2001 John Crosby made a motion to tape only motions and votes.  Three were in favor four were against.  Motion failed


New Business:


            Agenda 8a

                                    MOTION 38-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to enter into a five-year contract with Maine Energy effective July 1, 2001 and running through June 30, 2006.  Joseph Potts second this motion.  Unanimous


            Agenda 8b

MOTION 39-2001 John Crosby made a motion to release all tax interest the Town has in Lot 1881, and authorize the Town Manager to complete the paperwork to accomplish this release.  James Kuiken second this motion.  Unanimous


            Agenda 8c1

Consider changes to Ferry Policies.  Some of the problems are that the employees are available for work but are in a long line trying to get to the island via the ferry.  The ferry lines will make the employee late for work when the employee is available but has to wait his or her turn to board.    The same is true when leaving the island.


            Agenda 8c2

                                    Consider changes to Ferry Policies. 

                                    MOTION40-2001 Joseph Potts made a motion at 7 AM daily to have Public Works Department transport these packages from the Ferry Trailer to the Post office. James Kuiken second this motion.  An amendment to this motion was introduced by James Kuiken to make sure we had insurance for transporting these packages.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous.  The original motion was voted on and Dave Decker, Mark Thomas and Dick Giggey were opposed.  Four voted in favor.  The motion passed.


            Agenda 8d

                                    Establishing a fee structure for Island Use Registrations and it was decided that a fee of $10.00 would be established.


            Agenda 8e

                                    Consider forming an Ad Hoc Budget Committee.  Some discussion took place.  That it would be helpful for the Town Manager to get feed back from this committee.  It was pointed out that it is one of the functions that the Board of Island Trustees has and is not needed.



            Agenda 9a,b, c, d, e

                                    MOTION 41-2001 John Crosby made a motion to appoint the following People.  These appointments are one-year terms. 

                                    William Foye as Code Enforcement Officer

                                    William Foye as Licenses Plumbing Inspector

                                    William Foye as Building Inspector

                                    Robert Tripp as Assessor

                                    Conrad Theberge as Town Clerk

                                    Conrad Theberge as Tax Collector

                                    Gregory Tedford as Treasurer

                                    Conrad Theberge as Assistant Treasurer

                        Joseph second this motion. Unanimous


            Agenda 9f

                                    Municipal Delegates to GPCOG annual meeting was discussed and it was decided that the First Selectmen and Town Manager would attend.


            Agenda 10

                                    Update on SAD #6 – Meetings were held with Town of Raymond School Board and Town of Windham School Board to see if they would be willing accept the Town of Frye Island joining their school district.  Several options were discussed – such as funding 50 students, contractual agreements with these towns.  Also court action is a possibility to pursue.  Someone suggested that we pursue other towns to see if we could join their school districts. 


                                    It was felt that a committee of three or four people should keep BIT and Selectmen informed as to what is happening.  It was also felt that the selectmen should take a pro-active position.  That they need to give reasons for this position.  The Maine residents haven’t done anything to promote withdrawal from SAD#6.  We need to recruit people and explain reasons for the withdrawal. 


                                    MOTION 42-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to place a warrant article for the Town Meeting July 7, 2001 for the amount of up to $50,000.00 for the continuation of SAD#6 withdrawal proceedings.  These funds would be expensed out of Undesignated Reserve.  John Crosby second this motion. Unanimous




MOTION 43-2001 James Kuiken made a motion at 5:22 PM to adjourn and John Crosby second the motion.  Unanimous


Respectfully Submitted,


Conrad Theberge

Town Clerk