March 24, 2001


The location of the meeting was at Hampton Inn, Saco, Maine.


Richard Roedner, Frye Island Town Manager, called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM


Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, Joseph Potts, John Crosby and Richard Roedner Town Manager

Executive Committee Members: Mark Thomas, Pat Karpacz, Dave Decker and Richard Giggey


Attendees:      Oleg Svetlichny, Fred Hayes, Bill Gately, Steve Torigian, Diane Babineau, Steve Comley, Carl Hommel, Joseph Mackey, Russ Martin, and Fritz Mueller.





SAD #6 update—Concerns were to finalize this withdrawal agreement.  A number of topics were discussed such as Tuitioning Students. Paying other districts to educate the children from the island.  Debt Payments were discussed starting at $77,000.00 for the first year and reducing every year till 2013. 


Many people wanted to have definite plan to be presented to the Commissioner of Education.  We should have that done now and not wait till a later date to formalize this plan.  Endowment fund will be established.  At first the discussion was centered on the Island School Board to control the endowment fund but later decided that a group from outside the island would control the disbursement of the funds on an ongoing basis.


Some of the members wanted to get a feeling of where we are now.  Joseph Mackey indicated that Bill LD500 was going to be debated on the floor March 27, 2001.  This bill would probably pass and restrict the island to going to the legislature for withdrawal from a school district approval in the future.  What next after the bill being accepted or rejected.  We could take the case to the courts.  The plaintiffs would be the island and the citizens.


Many members wanted to have the plan decided as to how much we are willing to pay and set the withdrawal agreement at this meeting.  Members wanted sum certain for the plan to be presented.  Most people seem to agree to $250,000.00 plus debt service reduction and to increase via an index such as CPI or some other index. 


The discussion changed to the Mid Winter Newsletter where SAD#6 withdrawal agreement was printed but was not the final agreement.  In the Newsletter the annual contribution to the endowment fund account was $200,000.00 and $50,000.00 annual contribution for educational grants for a period of seven years. In addition there would be $30,000.00 annual tuition costs and any unused balance would be rolled to the endowment fund. 


Motion 23-2001 Richard Giggey made a motion to amend the article in the Mid Winter           Newsletter “update on SAD#6 Withdrawal”, to eliminate the contribution portion of the                        printed material.  Patricia Karpacz Second this motion.  Motion was withdrawn. 


Motion 24-2001 Richard Giggey made a motion to eliminate pages three and four from the Mid          Winter Newsletter. Patricia Karpacz Second this motion.  Motion was withdrawn.


Motion 25-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to modify the paragraphs with the school         funding to include the up-to-date information. Patricia Karpacz Second this motion.              Unanimous


Agenda 8B


            Water System Update—Russ Martin from Pine Tree Engineering presented a report on             the water system.  He discussed the different types of water filtration systems.  The island               could increase the capacity by increasing the height of the standpipe by four eight-foot           rings.  The cost estimate would be $151,500.00. 


            Another type of system would be a membrane system.  Water would run into these        membranes and filter out contaminates.  Another part of this system is that the system       needs to back flush the water into a lagoon.  It is estimated about 3 thousand to 5   thousand gals a day would be flushed into this lagoon. 


            Filter systems and membrane systems meet the current requirements for filtering water.               He expects the new requirements to be that more samples and these samples would be         done more often.  


Some of the members are concerned that the scope of work is not being done.  They felt that the need to address filtration, distribution and permitting were not going to be met. Some of the other issues that should be addressed are new permitting procedures, operating costs of the membrane systems, seasonal impact on closing and opening the system.  The contact time of the water system and whether it meets with government approved standards.  Current use is 131,000 gals a day and is turning over about two and one half times.  Sludge accumulation is an issue to concerned about as well.  Pilot test should be done so that it meets with the islands needs.


Agenda 4


Motion 26-2001 Approval of Minutes:  Mark Thomas made a motion to accept the January 20,          2001 minutes.  Patricia Karpacz second this motion.  Minutes are expected to be          completed one week from the meeting.  Six in favor and Mark Thomas opposed.


Agenda 5


            Dave Decker noted that the Town’s Computer system needs a lot of help and that the Town’s database has to be updated.


Agenda 6


  1. Workers Compensation rates has increased.  The Ferry service increased from 24.00 to over 30.00 per hundred dollars.
  2. Tax Collections appear to be on target with approximately 97% collected of the first half that were due.
  3. Health Insurance coverage has increased 26%, which will cause an overrun in the line.


Agenda 7


Motion 27-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention                 Month.  Patricia Karpacz second this motion.  Unanimous


Fred Hayes had questions about the construction of the ball field.  Who owns lot 800?  Was this lot turned over to the Town?  Steve Torigian had questions about how much was collected to construct the ball field?  He also, wanted to know who was constructing this ball field?  He also had questions about the ownership of this ball field.  The town owns Lot 800.  Frye Island Inc. is building this ball field and will own it.  The ball field committee has raised more then $15,000.00 and expects to reach its goal of $21,000.00.


Motion 28-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to endorse the SAD #6 plan -- $250,000.00 plus        debt service reduction and to increase an amount each year via an index such as CPI or        some other index.  Joseph Potts second this motion.  The following endorses this SAD #6                plan Joseph Potts, James Kuiken, John Crosby, Mark Thomas, Patricia Karpacz, David            Decker, and Richard Giggey.  None opposed.  Motion passed


Agenda 8C


1.      Manager was asked to look into long term disability

2.      Add mandatory drug testing following incidents

3.      Make Doctor’s appointment leave discretionary

4.      To confirm when retirement benefits start


Agenda 8D


Motion 29-2001 Harassment Policy—James Kuiken made a motion to adopt the Frye Island   Harassment Policy, as amended.  Joseph Potts second this motion.  Unanimous


Agenda 8E


Manager was asked to clarify that professional services are not subject to the bidding process and to clarify that spending authorization is “within approved budget”.


Agenda 8F


E-mail policy



Agenda 8G


Status of lot #1156

No motion made



Agenda 9A


Motion 30-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to approve the liquor License for Frye’s Leap              Café if application is properly and completely filled out.  Joseph Potts second this                           motion.  Unanimous


Motion 31-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to approve the liquor License for Frye Island Inc.         if application is properly and completely filled out.  John Crosby second this motion.      Unanimous.


Agenda 9B


Review FII/Town Lease

Tabled until after July Town Meeting


Agenda 9C


Ferry 2001 Schedule


Motion 32-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to charge two ferry tickets for all dual rear wheel          pick-up trucks.  John Crosby second this motion.  Six in favor and one opposed (Mark Thomas).  Motion passed


Agenda 9D


Separation of passengers and heavy commercial traffic on ferries

This item was discussed and was tabled till the next meeting.



Agenda 9E


Oleg Svetlichny feels that the board should review Ferry Maintenance and inspection on            a routine basis.  One the topic is the separation of passenger and heavy commercial   vehicles on the ferries.  Some other topics are cleaning the interior areas, hull thickness       inspection on the remaining boat that was not done, sandblasting, repainting the entire             boat, and critical welds inspection.


            Some of the discussion was on cleaning the inside of the boat and removing oils, grease etc.  Some of the suggestions were that we paint the inside of the boat. 


Agenda 9F


Motion 33-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to direct the town to release tax lien on lot #331.                      John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous


Agenda 9G


            Consider the request for free ferry access for shore front stabilization project.  Many      other islanders have done this and paid to have trucks deliver the materials for the project.              It didn’t seem fair to set a new precedence for this project.


Agenda 9H


            Volunteer tasks that might be done during the summer.  Helping with the fins, data base programs, and helping with some of statistical information.


Motion 34-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to adjourn.  John Crosby second this motion.               Unanimous.  Meeting concluded at 455PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


Conrad Theberge

Town Clerk