January 20, 2001

The location of the meeting was at Holiday Inn Express, Saco, Maine.

Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM

Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, Joseph Potts, John Crosby and Richard Roedner Town Manager

Executive Committee Members: Mark Thomas, Pat Karpacz, Dave Decker and Richard Giggey

Attendees:            Oleg Svetlichny, Charles Arey, Ginette Arey, Diane Babineau, Bill Gately, Anne Garceau, Steve Comley, Carl Hommel, Gleesons, and Fritz Mueller.

Agenda #3

Motion 1-2001 To tape record January 20, 2001 meeting.  Patricia Karpacz made the motion and Dave Decker Second this motion.  Some members voiced the opinion that taping these would be helpful for writing and remembering the dialog at these meetings.  These recorded tapes could be archived for future use if needed.  Others voiced opinions that this is a better backup, meetings are taped elsewhere, nothing to hide, and individuals have a right to tape all proceedings provided that the taping is not a hindrance to the meeting. 

                        Some of the opposition for taping these meetings are the following, Sentences are taken out of context, If the minutes notes are taken down properly then there is no need to tape the minutes, taping is not constructive, not used in planning strategy, negotiations, employee litigations.

                        Mark Thomas made an amendment to this motion.  The amendment was not to tape the discussion on SAD#6 because the town in negotiations with the School District.  Richard Giggey second this motion.  After some discussion Richard Giggey withdrew his second and Mark Thomas withdrew his amendment.

                        A vote was taken Joseph Potts-no, John Crosby-yes, James Kuiken-no, Mark Thomas-no, Patricia Karpacz-no, David Decker-yes, and Richard Giggey-no.  Motion Failed.

Motion 2-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to tape record meetings of the Frye Island Board of Selectmen in order to provide a permanent record of discussions at Board meetings.  John Crosby second this motion.  A vote was taken James Kuiken-no, Joseph Potts-no, John Crosby-yes, Mark Thomas-no, Patricia Karpacz-no, Richard Giggey-no, and David Decker-yes.  Motion failed.

Agenda #4a

Motion 3-2001 James Kuiken made motion to accept September 16, 2001 minutes.  John Crosby second this motion. Unanimous.


Motion 4-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept September 23, 2001 minutes.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous.


Motion 5-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept October 7, 2001 Town Meeting Minutes.  Joseph Potts second this motion.  Joseph Potts suggested that the minutes were too bulky, and overwhelming.  Also, didn’t approve of the change in format.  A vote was taken on the motion and six in favor and Joseph Potts opposed.  Motion passed

Motion 6-2001 Richard Giggey made a motion to accept the October 7, 2001 Board of Island Trustees minutes with one change of article 4 recorded as passed but failed.  Patricia Karpacz second this motion.  Unanimous


Motion 7-2001   James Kuiken made a motion to accept October 21, 2001 minutes.  Patricia Karpacz second this motion.  Six in favor and John Crosby abstained.

Motion 8-2001 Joseph Potts made a motion to set the first scheduled ferry for 2001 as April 27 and the last scheduled ferry as November 5, 2001.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous

                        Discussion on the Mid-Winter newsletter.  To have articles sent to the Town Manager as soon as possible.  Send the newsletter out the first week in March.

Emails were discussed.  There is concern that emails being sent to and from selectmen could be construed as having a meeting.  It was decided that emails would be sent to the town manager.  Selectmen cannot have two-way communications with each other regarding Town business.



Update on Marina—there has been discussions of expanding the Marina, selling the four remaining slips that Frye Island Inc. owns.  Dave Decker reported that a Questionnaire would be sent out to try to determine the interest and size of the slips that would be needed.  Charles Arey mentioned that he has several people willing to put in a deposit.


Community Center windows update—One window suffered a stress crack and the shipment of parts was missing some brackets that attach the windows to the electrical opening mechanism.  These will be remedied early this spring.


Motion 9-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept the Ferry Ticket Policy for The Fire Department.  Joseph Potts second. Unanimous


Motion 10-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to refer the Use of Weapons Ordinance and Trapping Ordinance to the Planning Board for revision in accordance with State Law and Regulations.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous


Motion 11-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to adopt a policy of providing health care benefits to all department heads and deputy department heads that work full time for a period of nine months or more.  Joseph Potts second this motion. Unanimous


Motion 12-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to approve the contract with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department for the provision of law enforcement services. Contract amount $16,451.36.  Joseph Potts second this motion.  Unanimous


Motion 13-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to adopt the 457-retirement plan.  There will be a retirement plan for all eligible employees starting January of 2002.  The Town manager will begin in 2001.  The selectmen and Board of Island Trustees have agreed to set vesting provisions at 25% the first year, 50% the second year and 100% the third year and beyond years of service.  This plan would be set up with 5% municipal contribution.


Raymond Cape Road Update—discussions on having the sheriff help patrol Raymond Cape Road, Raymond, Maine.  Some comments were that we are paying the sheriff to patrol the island but were willing to patrol the Cape Road if they were going back to there base for fuel, or paper work at Naples Maine. 


Motion 14-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept lot 800 if offered by Frye Island Inc.  Joseph Potts second this motion.  Several issues surfaced concerning acceptance of   this gift.  This is a separate parcel of land that Frye Island Inc could use for a tax deduction.  This motion was withdrawn.


Motion 15-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to accept lot 800 as a gift from Frye Island Inc. Joseph Potts second this motion.  Unanimous.


Motion 16-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to allow Island Registrations.  John Crosby second this motion.  Discussion about having junk heaps on the island.  These vehicles cannot leave the island and don’t have to be meet the state inspection requirements.  There is a question about island registrations and receiving grants. Department of transportation wrote a letter indicating that they do not care about island registrations.  Unanimous


            Recognition of ball field contributions—as of January 18, 2001 we have received 14,565.00.  Steve Comley reported that there is a goal of 21,000.00.  He would like to recognize those people who contributed with a bronze plague – maybe with names inscribed on the plague.  He feels that all is going well and believes that the committee will reach its goal.


Motion 17-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to recess selectmen’s meeting.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous.  Time of recess was 2:55PM.

Meeting reconvened at 2:56PM


            Discussion of Ferry Boat Maintenance and Operations—The bilges on both boats are pumped every year.  Many ideas about maintenance of the ferries, which  include having boats inspected on a scheduled basis, contacting Blount Marine about the cost of a new ferry. How long will the boats last?  How to pull the boats out of the water to do maintenance during the winter months?  The island should   be looking to long-term policy of buying a new ferry. 


Motion 18-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to appoint Conrad Theberge registrar of Voters. Joseph Potts second this motion.  Unanimous


Selectmen’s Meetings

March 24,2001
May 19, 2001
June 23, 2001
July 21,2001
August 18,2001
September 22, 2001
October 20, 2001

Town Meetings

July 7, 2001
October 6, 2001

Winter Office discussions

Lot size of the Winter Office is one and half acres.  Layout seemed to be ok with most of the members.  The new office should have a vault to store historical records.  Many members would like to have an economic study done before final consideration of accepting new office quarters.  Include in the proposal a direct fire alarm system with the fire department.  Might also consider having the walls with double sheet rock.  Discussions as to which company will purchase this new office space.  Some concern about expansion should it be desired in the future. 

Motion 19-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to ask Frye Island Inc. to look in building a town office with Mr. Palli.  John Crosby second this motion.  Unanimous.


SAD #6 update

All members want to pay their fair share of educational costs.  The committee will be meeting with the Superintendent of schools in Raymond Maine. Several members want to make sure we address special education as one areas we spend the taxpayers dollars.  Scholarships could be established and given each year.  Set up endowments to assure that funding will continue.  Suggestions about setting up a school board on the island.  Set up a tuition agreement program with another school district. 

Some questions that were asked were what other town’s tuition students?  What other towns have withdrawn from a school district?  

Motion 20-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to hire Joe Mackey (lobbyist) for the SAD#6 withdrawal.  Appropriate $10,000.00 from Undesignated Reserve. Joseph Potts second this motion.   Motion was withdrawn.

Motion 21-2001 James Kuiken made a motion To Hire Joe Mackey (lobbyist) for the SAD#6 withdrawal.  Appropriate up to $20,000.00 from Undesignated Reserve.  Joseph  Potts second this motion.  Unanimous.


Motion 22-2001 James Kuiken made a motion to adjourn.  Joseph Potts second this motion. Unanimous.  Meeting was adjourned at 3:36PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Conrad Theberge, Town Clerk