October 21, 2000

1.      Meeting called to order at 0835.   Discussion ensued regarding the necessity of utilizing taping equipment during the meeting.  The intent of its use was to have the capability of more precise recall of meeting content, if required.  One of the selectmen at the meeting, disagreed with the use of the equipment.  It was decided that the equipment would not be used at that time.

2.      Roll call -  Selectmen:  James Kukien, Joe Potts

B.I.T.:  Mark Thomas, Dave Decker, Dick Giggey

3.      The Town Manager’s report was given.  Issues were covered per Mr. Roedner’s Monthly Activity Report.  The following issues were discussed.    Mr. Potts requested that the Executive Committee be given a copy of the draft for the Comp. Plan.  He also asked what could be done to ask for copies.  Mr. Roedner allowed that there was an interim draft in existence, and that copies could be provided.  Mr. Kuiken also requested a copy.  A question was raised about the possibility of placing the Comp Plan on the Web site.  Although it could be done it would need authorization from Mr. Mueller.  Mr. Decker would talk to Mr. Mueller.  Mr. Decker asked what the office staff would be working on over the winter.   Mr. Roedner noted the following projects.

Finalizing the information for the Financial Accounting Audits
The Comp Plan
Writing Standard Operating Policies and Procedures
Developing guidelines for an Employee Retirement Plan
Reviewing Ordinances
Reviewing current methods of Conservation
In-house coordination of Budget and Accounting System

Mr. Decker expressed the need for Monthly Reports showing results comparative to the Monthly Budget.  Mr. Thomas described the capabilities of  “Quicken 2001” and how the software could benefit our reporting requirements.   The desire to receive financial reports, based upon actual income and expense, was expressed.  This should be accomplished by depositing and posting current transactions in a more timely and professional manner, than what has occurred in the past.

Motion by Jim Kuiken: For every ticket sold $1.00 goes to the Ferry reserve.

Seconded by Joe Potts.  Mr. Roedner stated that last year’s Fund Balance was to be transferred to Ferry Reserves by a calculation of  $1.00 for every Ferry ticket sold during the year 2000.  Mr. Roedner stated that this was voted on and covered by the Budget of 2001.

Motion withdrawn.

4.      Mr. Roedner provided an Income Statement for the period 1/1/2000 through 10/31/2000, to the Selectmen.

5.      Minutes of Meetings on 9/16/00, 9/23/00, and 10/7/00 were not provided and therefore, not approved.

6.      6.   Mr. Svetlichny offered the following information and communication.  The meeting of “Route 302 & You” Corridor Committee that he attended was explained.  The Committee consists of members of seven towns in the Lake Region Development Council.  What do we need to do to become members?  Mr. Roedner stated that the town would have to be petitioned to allow Frye Island to join the Lake Region Development Council.  Mr. Svetlichny requested a committee be formed of one person each from the Town, FII, and BIT.  Their task would be to develop a plan, over the winter, for Ferry inspections and maintenance schedules.  John Crosby, Oleg Svetlichny, and Dave Decker were selected.  Mr. Svetlichny suggested the possibility of FII providing funds to create a dry dock area.   He also asked if sludge has been routinely pumped from the ferries as a preventive maintenance service.  The company Maine Marine Diesel was mentioned as the Service Company that provides the maintenance.  It was not clear if they provided that service.

7.                  A.      Pine Tree Engineering had not returned a call to Mr. Roedner regarding what they had done thus far with the water system evaluation.

B.        Local Press has negatively editorialized the SAD#6 withdrawal issue.   The Dept. of Education has been notified of the results of the Town Meeting vote.

C.        The Community Center construction of the bathrooms is 99% done.  The window wall is not complete.

8.                  A.     Mr. Potts recommended that the tax database be analyzed, as he felt there were major inconsistencies.  Perhaps, hire a firm to do a re-evaluation and use funds from the reserve account for payment.  The State of Maine Municipal ratio dropped which shows a lack of accuracy of value assessment.  The assessment of island property is very poor.  The example of the bulkland vs. per lot assessment value was used.  Also the timing of assessment valuation for the tax commitment date was discussed.

B.        The required tennis court improvements will be sent out for bids.

C.        Motion #        :Jim Kuiken moved to accept the MSAD #6 District Referendum Election Warrant.  Joe Potts seconded the motion.  Motion was accepted unanimously.

D.        The Planning Board received the opinion from the Code Enforcement Officer that a ball field would be considered municipal use if the town owned the land.  A question arose concerning the expansion of the tennis court area for the ball field.  This would have to conform to the rights and use issues.  If the town owns the property, it can be zoned for municipal use.  The question of acceptance of donations requires that a group be a non-profit organization.  This would be covered by the Maine License for Beano, which is operated by a non-profit organization.  FII could donate the area for the Ball Field to the town, which would meet the requirements of municipal land use and satisfy the planning board site plan permit issue.   Motion #           Jim Kuiken moved that the town would set up a reserve account for Ball Field donations.  Joe Potts seconded the motion.  Motion was accepted unanimously. 

E.         Motion #        James Kuiken moved that FII act as agent for the Town Ball Field development and approval.  Joe Potts seconded the motion.  Motion was accepted unanimously.

F.         Appointments:

1.    Appointments at issue were discussed.   Motion #         James Kuiken moved that appointments be accepted for  Ernie Wrzesinsky  to become a full time member of the Board of Appeals.

2.      Motion included Watson Clark to be appointed as alternate.  It was noted that Watson Clark had previously been appointed as an alternate to the Board of Appeals.

3.      Also, the appointment of Patricia Noyes as Deputy Town Clerk by the Board of Selectmen was not required.  The law states that the Deputy Town Clerk will be appointed by the Town Clerk and this appointment had previously been made.

4.      Motion did not carry as worded.  Motion reworded and accepted unanimously.

            G.     Motion #           by Dave Decker for Andy Broaddus, Oleg Svetlichny, Frank Limauro, and Jim Kukien     to be appointed to the SAD #6 Withdrawal Committee.  Joe Potts seconded the motion.  Motion accepted unanimously.

            H.     Motion #           by Joe Potts to remove Beach #13 as designated beach.  Jim Kukien seconded the motion.  Discussion followed.  Islander David Lowe spoke to the issue of beach use interfering with the owners rights.  When the Lowe property was purchased, FII stated that the beach property would not be used for private sale.  Motion did not pass.

            I.      Motion #            by James Kukien to accept lot 1156 and forego taxes payable.  Motion seconded by Joe Potts.  Motion accepted unanimously.

J.          A discussion of property available at Cumberland County Equipment Auction brought forward the need to set a purchasing policy for the Town Manager that would not require prior approval of the Board of Selectmen.  At what level of value would the Town go out to bid for required equipment and services?  It was determined that this would be part of the winter task of setting policies and procedures in place.

K.       The purchase of health benefits for employees or town elected officials was discussed.  Motion #           by James Kukien to allow Municipal employees and selectmen the option of purchasing medical coverage within the Town’s Group Insurance Plan.  Motions seconded by Joe Potts.  Motion accepted unanimously.

L.         Discussion of Fire Department Ferry Usage by Ernie Wrzesinsky included the request to have blocks of tickets issued for the various requirements of Fire Dept. business.   Motion #    by James Kukien to allow the issuance of Ferry Tickets for Fire Department business on an “as needed” basis.  Motion seconded by Dave Decker.  Motion accepted unanimously.

Mr. Roedner noted that new business to be discussed at the next meeting of the Selectmen, would be:

1.      Decisions on Real Estate questions

2.      Land Trusts/Town accepting land

Motion #             by Jim Kukien to adjourn.  Motion seconded by Joe Potts.  Motion unanimously accepted at 1104.

Respectfully submitted by,

Patricia U. Noyes
Deputy Town Clerk