SEPTEMBER 23, 2000

The location of the meeting was at the Community Center at Frye Island, Maine

Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:07PM

Present:            Selectmen:  Joseph Potts, James Kuiken, John Crosby and Richard Roedner Town Manager

Executive Committee Members:  Mark Thomas, Richard Giggey and Patricia Karpacz

Attendees:  John Masayda. Fritz Mueller, Christa Mueller, Oleg Svetlichny, Marge Hommel, Carlton Hommel, John Nun, Steven Aranyi, Barbara Aranyi, Laura Crosby, Kenneth Dolloff, Donald Nolen, David Treacy, Steve Comley, Charles Monty, Kathy Potts, Robert Fogg, Andrew Broaddus, Gary Donohue, Fred Hayes, Don Hadley, Winifred Rogers

James Kuiken made a motion to recess meeting.  John Crosby second the motion.  Unanimous.

This meeting reconvened at 2:28PM


Rich Roedner reported that ME DOT has established that 20 miles per hour for the following roads: Leisure, Ridge, High Point Independence Sunset Timber, and Birch. The remaining roads will default to 25 MPH.

Beavers – Trapper has been contracted and would be here mid-September or early October.

Quail Circle—MainLand Development has been contacted for prices on survey work.

            Budget for 2001—draft is prepared for selectmen’s approval.

Portland Water District-- Town manager met with PWD on September 21, 2000.  Some of the issues discussed were erosion on the west side and the 1997 grant application to be resubmitted.

Planning Board—Met with the Planning Board on September 9, and conducted a training exercise in Public Hearing procedures, and site plan review.

Ball field Proposal-- Met with FII Ball Field Committee and Tom Dubois, P.E. to assist in the development of the site plan application for Planning Board consideration.  Submitted on September 16, 2000.

Winter Office Space – I have verbally committed to renting office space at Sebago Common Office Building on Route 35.

Emergency Management – Met with Cumberland County EMA Director, George Flarety, and Ernie Wryesinsky on September 12.  Ernie and I will review the material submitted, and will put together a committee to work on a plan for Frye Island over the winter.

125 Plan—I met with representative of The Maine Choice, which are pre-tax employee contribution programs that can be used to cover medical premiums, health costs and dependent care costs. 


Robert Fogg would like to have a week where he could come to the island to close cottages.  He would like to have a reasonable rate.


SAD #6 -- Petitions for withdrawal has been completed and has been accepted by the Voter Registrar.  Part of the withdrawal process is to determine our portion of assets and liabilities to the school district.  The voters of Frye Island must vote for or against this withdrawal.  This will be done at the Town Meeting October 7, 2000.  The results must be sent to the school district and the Department of Education. 

Community Center Bathrooms should be completed within the next two weeks.  Windows have been ordered.

Ball Field—Ball Field Committee is seeking to have $7,500.00 budgeted for the fiscal year 2001.  Several thoughts were talked about 1) having Frye Island Inc. fund it through the sale of land 2) having the town raise $7,500.00 through taxes.  However the ball field committee would like to have selectmen add this in the budget for 2001.


James Kuiken made a motion for the Town Manager to research different programs for an employee retirement plan.  This retirement program would begin in 2002.  Joseph Potts second the motion.  Unanimous

Contractor/Home Owner Blue Ferry Tickets—Discussion about blue ferry tickets by contractors.  The feelings of several people were that this gives some contractors unfair advantage over others.  Some of the selectmen felt that the blue tickets were supposed to be used by residents for going to and from the island.  It was concluded that contractors doing business on the island would use the red tickets and pay the $16.00 per trip.

Mark Thomas made a motion that contractors must pay $16.00 (red tickets) when working on the island.  However, if he or she is returning to residence for personal business or pleasure then the contractor may use blue tickets.  Six voted in favor and one opposed.  Motion passed.

Future selectmen’s meetings were discussed.  Joseph Potts made a motion to accept the following meeting schedule.

          Saturday October 21, 2000 at 2:00 PM
          Saturday January 20, 2001 at 10:00 AM
          Saturday March 24, 2001 at 10:00 AM

          Richard Giggey second the motion.  Unanimous

The following people volunteered for the SAD #6 withdrawal committee.  Oleg Svetlichny, James Kuiken, Andrew Broaddus, and Richard Roedner.

James Kuiken made a motion to adjourn.  Patricia Karpacz second the motion.  Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 5:06PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge, Town Clerk