SEPTEMBER 16, 2000


The location of the meeting was at the Community Center at Frye Island, Maine

Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:27PM

Present:            Selectmen:  Joseph Potts, James Kuiken, John Crosby and Richard Roedner Town Manager

Executive Committee Members:  Mark Thomas, Richard Giggey and Patricia Karpacz

Attendees:  John Masayda. Fritz Mueller, Christa Mueller, Oleg Svetlichny, Marge Hommel, Carlton Hommel, John Nun, Steven Aranyi, Barbara Aranyi, Laura Crosby, Kenneth Dolloff, Donald Nolen, David Treacy, Steve Comley, Kevin LaMarre and Martin Friedman

                    Employee staffing was discussed.  One reason was the additional workloads at different departments.  Additional staffing in the office was discussed.  The Deputy Clerks position was set at a 10-month position.  The Office Administrator position is a 6-month position.  The committee suggested that we use volunteer help.  This would reduce cost and keep the tax rate down.

                    Martin Friedman spoke about the need for more personnel.  The increase traffic has led to the possibility of adding additional crews.  Operating the second boat more to reduce the lines of traffic left on the mainland or island.  He indicated that traffic is increasing and we need more captains and mates to keep up with the demand.  It was suggested that maybe we could have the second boat in the mornings during the week to reduce the wait time.  The additional crews could help spell the captains and mates at peak times.

                    The selectmen suggested that maybe we could use a voluntary force to help.  This would help control cost.  Some selectmen were concerned about boats tied to the head wall or other ferry.  The concern is about damage and trespassing.  Maybe we need a ferry policy to address these problems.

                    Kevin LaMarre spoke about the need for additional help.  The need for an Equipment Operator for a period of six months.  Selectmen wanted to know how many are employed by the Public Works Department.  Kevin answered that there are 4 people working from April to October. 

                    The selectmen suggested we contract out roadwork therefore we would not need to hire additional people.

                    Employee Retirement Program was discussed.  The manager should research different programs available during the fiscal year 2001.  This program would be implemented in the fiscal year 2002.

                    Steve Comley spoke about the ball field project.  He gave the selectmen a brief description about funding for the project.  Currently received $5,000.00 in the year 2000.  He is seeking to add $7,500.00 to the 2001 budget for the ball field.  Questions came up with what was the total cost?  The cost of the project was expected to be $53,000.00.  He expected the remaining funds to be raised from outside sources, such as contractors donating their time and equipment.  Also, that they are seeking donations for the construction of the ball field.  Steve does not expect to come back to the town for additional funding.

                    Selectmen suggested that maybe FII should fund the $7,500.00 by selling land.  Maybe FII would donate the land for the project.   

Mark Thomas made a motion to adjourn.  Patricia Karpacz second the motion.  Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 5:17PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge
Town Clerk