August 19, 2000

The location of the meeting was at Community Center at Frye Island, Maine
Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 2:01PM

Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, Joseph Potts and Richard Roedner Town Manager Executive Committee Members: Mark Thomas, Pat Karpacz, David Decker and Richard Giggey

Absent:            Selectmen: John Crosby

Attendees: William Gately, Carl Hommel, Fritz Mueller, Oleg Svetlichny, Robert Hannah, David Treacy, Laura Crosby, Marge Hommel, Christa Mueller, Hal Pierce, Lorraine Wrzesinsky, Ernest Wrzesinsky, Donald Nolen, Norris,  Steve Comley, Diane Babineau Edward Charrette, Kathy Potts, Andrew Broaddus, Burnstein, and Sylvia Burnstein.

Minutes Approval:            July 22, 2000 was tabled to September 23, 2000.

Petitions and Communications:

                        The Executive Committee wants to have financial reports in the following manner.

1-     Budget to current year
2-     Budget to Quarter
3-     Budget to Month

As was explained, this could be done in the future.  The accounting software wasn’t set up this year to allow this.  The software has this capability.

Oleg Svetlichny has requested that additional copies of information at the Selectmen’s Meeting be available to the public.

The public has recommended a change in article 1, title 109-1 to include no jumping off ferry ramp.  It was decided to include this in the warrant.  The changed ordinance would be presented at the Town Meeting in October 7, 2000.

Richard Giggey made a motion to have the Fire Department develop an evacuation plan for the island.

Public Hearing Items:

                        A-Golf Carts, currently no one under the age of 15 may operate a golf cart on the road.  Some people are suggesting that 10 to 15 years be allowed to operate a golf cart accompanied by a licensed driver.  Further suggested the Town approach the State Legislature with a new law on golf carts.

                        B-Solid Waste ordinance (littering) was discussed and the selectmen decided to have the Town Manager set the hours of operation.  The Selectmen would set the fees.

                        C-Noise Ordinance discussion on this ordinance as to how to enforce and determine the infraction of the ordinance.  In some cases some of the penalties are Jail time or fines are levied.  The selectmen decided to send this proposed ordinance to the Planning Board.

Old Business:            

                        Motion 49-2000 Joseph Potts made a motion to accept the National Flood Insurance Resolution.  James Kuiken second this motion.  Unanimous

                        There was no report on the water system upgrade.

                        Community Center Bathrooms—Selectmen decided to pay for repairs out of the operating account.

                        Discussion on Beach 6 erosion problem.  The Department of Environmental Protection and the Portland Water District investigated the problem area. They made recommendations for improvements to alleviate the erosion.  An engineering study would be needed and money is available for the improvements.  Also, part of the discussion concerned Harbor Road and it was determined that Public Works needed to do some additional work on the road.

                        Motion 50-2000 Community Center glass wall contract with Perham Construction Company.  Joseph Potts made a motion to accept a change in the contract with Perham Construction Company for adapter kits.  This change will cost an additional Twelve Hundred dollars.  James Kuiken second the motion.  Unanimous

                        Post office update—The following Tuesday Richard Roedner will have Paul Bourque prepare the door for the new lock and administration will be issuing keys for the Post Office.

                        Motion 51-2000 Joseph Potts made a motion to appoint Watson Clark to the Board of Appeals as an Alternate.  James Kuiken second this motion.  Unanimous

                        Motion 52-2000 James Kuiken made a motion to nominate Mark Thomas to Vice-Chairperson of Board of Island Trustees.  David Decker second the motion.  Unanimous

                        School Administrative District #6 – Several members met with the Commissioners of Education concerning the procedure to withdraw from School Administrative District #6.  Andy Broaddus was given a set of procedures to follow.  There will be a Warrant Article for the islanders to vote on at the Town Meeting.  If the islanders vote to withdraw from School Administrative District #6 then the representatives of the island will have to negotiate with School Administrative #6 Board.

                        Motion 53-2000 Joseph Potts moved to have a meeting with School Administrative District #6 at 10:00 AM on September 23, 2000.  James Kuiken second.  Unanimous

                        Office hours- A discussion was held of business office hours, and the days of operation.  It was noted that the administration office is closed on Sunday and Monday.  The hours open to the public are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 to 3:30PM.  Availability of phone service when both lines are in use.  When both lines are in use, overflow calls will go to voice mail.

Adjourn:          Motion 54-2000 Mark Thomas made a motion to adjourn at 5:40 PM and James Kuiken Second.  Unanimous

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge
Town Clerk