MAY 6, 2000

The location of the meeting was at Administration Office, 1 Sunset Road, Frye Island, Maine.

Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 3:30PM

Present:             Selectmen: James Kuiken,  Oleg Svetlichny, and Joseph Potts; David Decker Interim Town Manager; Executive Committee Members: Mark Thomas John Crosby, Pat Karpacz, and Richard Giggey

Attendees:         James O’Connor, Anne Garceau, Kathy Potts, Sally Bristol, John Musorifriti, Richard Norden, Donald Nolen, Andrew Broaddus, Ernest Wrzesinsky, Steve Comley and Carl Hommel (teleconferencing).

Minutes:           Motion 25-2000 James Kuiken made a motion to accept April 29, 2000 minutes as amended. Oleg Svetlichny second the motion.  Unanimous

Petitions and Communications:

                          John Musorifriti and Sally Bristol gave a presentation why the two-ticket policy on Dual Wheel Pick-up Trucks should be changed back to one ticket charge for ferry passage. 

                          Richard Norden made a presentation to the Selectmen concerning the trapping the beaver because of the destruction the beaver is causing on the island.  This beaver has taken down large trees and he pointed out that the beaver should be trapped and transported to another location.  The town should hire a trapper. 

                          Richard Norden raised concerns about the pilings at the recreation beach near the old Recreation building that burned down.  He pointed out the liability if people get hurt while snowmobiling during the winter or ATV riding.  He believes these pilings should be taken out.  The use of this area is controlled by covenant.

                          Andrew Broaddus reported on SAD #6 . He talked about SAD #6 School Budget ($509,072 for 2000/2001), withdrawal from the School District and the procedure to withdraw from the district.  He also stated these materials were at the administration office.

Old Business:   First reading of draft ordinances:

                                        1-Tax Acquired Properties
              2-Solid Waste (littering)
              3-Noise (quite hours)

                          Request to add early ferries on Monday morning was discussed. They decided to have early morning ferries leave the Island at 6 AM..  The Interim Manager would proceed with notifying crews and Islanders about the change in the early departures.

New Business:  Motion 26-2000 James Kuiken made a motion. A resident of Frye Island with dual wheel vehicles with a pick-up body or utility body and these vehicles fit within the yellow lines on the deck of the ferry pays one ticket.  Richard Giggey second the motion.  Six in favor and one opposed

  Motion 27-2000 to expend $2,000 for structural design drawings of ferry maintenance tramway.  Joseph Potts second the motion.  After discussion the second was withdrawn and then the motion was withdrawn.

                          Motion 28-2000 to approve the $15,000 expenditure for engineering work on the water system revision.  Motion was made be Oleg Svetlichny and second by Joseph Potts.  Six votes in favor and one abstention.

                          Motion 29-2000 to approve the $2,000.00 expenditure for new 2nd floor of the Administration Building for new interior doors.  These doors must meet Boca Code.  Unanimous

                          The fire truck was sold for $3,500.  Fire Department paid $500 brokerage fees and the remaining amount will be used by the fire departments for operations.

Adjourn:            Motion 30-2000 Mark Thomas made a motion to adjourn at 5:55 PM and James Kuiken Second.  Unanimous

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge
Town Clerk