APRIL 2, 2000

The location of the meeting was the Winter Office, 1105 Route 302, Vacation land Building, Windham, Maine.

 Joseph Potts ,First Selectman, called the meeting to order  at 2:14 PM.

 Present:                 Selectmen: James Kuiken and teleconference Joseph Potts.
Executive Committee Members: Patricia Karpacz, Mark Thomas, teleconference
John Crosby  and Richard Giggey.

 Attendees:            Ann Garceau,  James O’Connor, Stan Karpacz, teleconference  Steve Comley, 
Carl Hommel, Marge Hommel and Kathy  Potts.

Communications:       Joseph Potts informed the attendees that the Maine Municipal Association MMA  has a  newsletter  which will post  job openings for free.  Ad for Frye Island Town Manager can be FAXED by Friday for the April 20th publication. Joseph  Potts will email the ad to members for review and comment.

Agenda Item 1:  Action Plan - Town/General Manager Replacement , Version: 4/2/00  (attached).

Item 6. Victor Richards needs to complete Reference Manual for Town/General Manager responsibilities. Conrad Theberge can prepare parts of the manual. The attendees were asked to identify priority items. The following were recommended: Calendar of Key Milestones, Non-routine bills are will be due; and Anticipated  problems.

Item 5. Submit employment ad  as soon as possible  4/16, 4/23, & 4/30. Recommendation  was made to publish the Ad in the FINS as soon as possible.

Items 8, 9, 10, 12, & 13. Meeting dates were established as listed in the plan. 

Motion.  “Accept the Action Plan as modified.” Motion made by Joseph Potts, seconded by James Kuiken.  Motion unanimously carried.

 Agenda Item 2:         Authorize hiring temporary office help.

Discussions revolved around the duties of temporary  office help. Duties of the person need to be determined, such as, handling the counter activities ,  mail, Xeroxing and secretarial work. Feedback from the Town manager, Town Clerk and Secretary would be most helpful. Decision put off until the April 29th meeting.

Agenda Item 3:  Hiring  an Interim Manager

John Crosby and other members identified a number of island candidates for this position. The list was reduced to one candidate, Dave Decker of Ridge Road. Marge Hommel ,who was employed at the same company as Mr. Decker, identified his qualities-- a organizer, good administrator with great peoples skills. The moral of the company improved when he took over.

 Motion:  Hire Mr. Dave Decker as an Interim Town Manager at a nominal salary of $500 a week  and reasonable living expenses until the Island opens on 4/28/00. Reasonable defined as Mileage, Motel, Breakfast & Supper while living off Frye Island.  The stipend was based on a minimum of twenty hours a week.     

 Motion made by, James Kuiken, seconded by Joseph Potts. Motion unanimously carried.

Adjournment:   Motion made by, James Kuiken, seconded by Joseph Potts. Motion unanimously carried

Respectfully Submitted,
Stan Karpacz