JANUARY 15, 2000

The location of the meeting was the Winter Office, 1105 Route 302, Vacationland Building, Windham, Maine.

Conrad Theberge, Frye Island Town Clerk, called the meeting to order at 10:12 AM.

Present:          Selectmen: James Kuiken, Oleg Svetlichny and teleconference Joseph Potts.  Victor Richards Town Manager

Executive Committee Members: Patricia Karpacz, Richard Giggey, Mark Thomas, and teleconference John Crosby.

Attendees:      Kathleen Potts, James O’Connor, Andrew Broaddus, Stan Karpacz ,teleconference Steve Comley 

Minutes:         1-2000 Motion to accept September 25, 1999 Board of Selectmen and Board of Island Trustees Executive Committee minutes as amended was made by Oleg Svetlichny and second by James Kuiken.  Motion unanimous.

                        2-2000 Motion to accept October 09, 1999 Town Meeting minutes as amended was made by James Kuiken and second by Oleg Svetlichny.  Motion unanimous.

Petitions and Communications:  Gene Driscoll Jr. has concerns about the roads on the Island.  The concerns are about the potholes in the roads and that we need to grade the roads more often and spend more time grooming. 

                        Joanne and Dave Speed gave compliments to the crews of the ferries.  The Ferry crews are friendly and welcoming people to the Island.  This information will be passed onto the ferry crews.

Report of Town Manager:  Managers Report is included with the minutes of the meeting.

Old Business:  Discussion of citation and rates for infractions of town ordinances.  It is decided that more information is needed to develop the proper form and rates for each violation. 

New Business:  3-2000 A motion was made to adopt island registrations of Golf Carts, ATV and Moped.  A three-inch decal will be issued yearly at a cost of $10.00 and can be registered for three years.  This decal will be rectangular, contrasting colors and include the lot number where Golf Carts, ATV, and Moped are housed.  Joseph Potts made the motion and James Kuiken second the motion. Unanimous

4-2000 After adoption of these minutes, James Kuiken made a motion to amend these minutes to set the effective date as May 15th, 2000.  Oleg Svetlichny second the motion.  Unanimous

                        5-2000 Discussion on adopting a fee schedule for recycling area dumpsters.  Motion was made by James Kuiken and Second by Oleg Svetlichny to prohibit use of dumpsters and brush dump by contractors, homebuilders and tree cutters; all construction demolition debris must be placed in an on-site dumpster provided by the homebuilder/contractor and hauled off island.  Dumpsters must be within property lines.  All brush must be chipped on site or hauled off island.

                        6-2000 Motion made by James Kuiken $500.00 fine for illegal dumping.  Second by Oleg Svetlichny.  Unanimous

7-2000 Joseph Potts moved to adopt the FY2000 appendices to the General Assistance rates.  James Kuiken second the motion.  Unanimous

Discussion on setting up procedures, assigning committees or teams to review the relationship of Frye Island and the Town of Frye Island.  No motion was made.

Oleg Svetlichny presented topics for discussion.  The following is a list of topics he would like to see discussed.

MSAD6 (reduction in involvement in the school district)
Frye Island Incorporated
Ferries and use policy
Off-Island facility
Comprehensive Plan Survey results
Cultural Information System
Public Information System
Soil erosion control
Implementing a trail system

                        8-2000 Gloria Lucier donated lot #1156 to the town.  James Kuiken made a motion to accept this donation and Joseph Potts second.  Unanimous

9-2000 After adoption of these minutes, James Kuiken made a motion to abate the taxes on lot #1156.  Oleg Svetlichny second the motion. Unanimous

                        10-2000 Motion to accept the ferry schedule for the year 2000.  Start date will be April 28, 2000 and the Close date will be October 30, 2000.  James Kuiken made the motion and Joseph Potts second.  Unanimous

ADJOURNMENT: 11-2000 Oleg Svetlichny made a motion to adjourn and James Kuiken second this motion.  Unanimous

Respectfully Submitted,

Conrad Theberge
Town Clerk