Town of Frye Island Budget Hearing - September 7, 2002

Location: Community Center


Present: Selectmen Robert Roberts; BIT Executive Committee: Grace Morin, Pat Karpacz; Interim Town Manager: Joe Potts; approximately 25 islanders.


Meeting called to order by Joe Potts at 9:32 A.M.


Joe reviewed the structure in form of the proposed budget document.


The several reserve account balances were explained.


Joe gave an explanation of fees and then followed a discussion of outsourcing the clerk duties to Raymond.  A straw vote of the attendees was taken and the consensus was not to move this function to Raymond unless it saves the Town money.


$3,500 received from the State for the comprehensive plan is probably currently in the DOT grant line item.


A discussion reflected the idea that if the Community Center is used by “for profit” activities rental should be charged.  BOS needs to develop a policy.


The property tax reevaluation was discussed.


It was recommended the Town insurance coverage be bid.


The ferry haul out facility and the means of funding it were discussed including possibly borrowing the money.


It was suggested to budget for cutting vegetations along roads especially intersections and bends.


It was explained that PWD bills us for septic disposal.


The proposed security service schedule for next year was explained.  The reaction to the trial over Labor Day weekend was very favorable.


Community Center

1.      Needs more access.

2.      Needs increased cleaning.

3.      Needs work day to de-junk.

4.      Needs some summer recreation person for children and teen-age activities.


Capitol budget items and current lack of funding were reviewed.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:05 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Robert Roberts