Town of Frye Island - Budget Public Hearing

September 1, 2001

Community Center


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.


Town Manager made a brief presentation of his proposed 2002 budget, noting major increases in County Taxes, SAD 6 Contribution, health insurance and retirement benefit.


Comments were received from various members of the public on a variety of issues:


       An apparent discrepancy in the salary line for Town Clerk

       Whether the position of Town Clerk is a full 12 month position

       Whether a second boat will be needed next year

       Increase the ferry maintenance budget

       Whether it is possible to provide additional hours for the ferry service after Labor Day

       Add a column showing the year end estimates

       Building permit fees should cover expenses, perhaps on a square foot basis

       Board of Appeals fees should cover expenses

       Should the Town be involved in digging soil test pits

       Add fund balance to budget summary page


Following the receipt of comments, the public hearing was adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted,



Richard Roedner

Town Manager