Recreation Commission


The Frye Island Recreation Commission was appointed by the Board of Selectmen in the fall of 2002 for the following purposes:

            1.         To monitor and report to the BOS/EC on conditions at all common recreational areas including the Community Center and to develop schedules and guidelines for their use and fees wherever appropriate.

            2.         To encourage, plan and facilitate recreational activities for all age groups.

            3.         To advise and assist the seasonal recreation director.

            4.         To work with SAD 6 and the town of Raymond to offer appropriate course offerings.

            5.         To assure that on peak holiday weekends, there will be at least one island wide activity.

            6.         To identify and assist islanders to share their talents.

Members of the Commission are:          Annie Charrette
Bob and Kathy Giggey
Dick Giggey
Nancy and Phil Perry
Kathy Potts
Andrea Sansonetti
Marie Tedford

Ex-officio members are:                        Pat Karpacz, Liaison to the BOS
Sarah Wolcheski, Recreation Director

Nancy and Phil Perry were appointed chairs.

The Commission met 6 times during the season.

As with any new entity, 2003 has been a time of establishing direction and feeling our way through the assigned duties.  The first purpose (to develop schedules and guidelines for the Community Center) proved to be the most difficult.  Although a policy was developed and passed by the BOS, there were those who felt that the policy was restrictive to the point of inhibiting those who might offer their services to the island population.  As a result, a suggested amendment to the policy will be presented to the BOS.

We submit that the rest of the duties assigned were fulfilled through the following activities:

  1. Garden Club Plant Sale

  2. Community Yard Sale: netting a contribution to the Fireworks Fund of $260.

  3. Ladies of the Lake Luncheon

  4. Two ice cream socials sponsored by the Golf Committee

  5. A highly successful Childrenís Fair and Boat Building Contest

  6. The annual 4th of July walk/run: great participation of 116 hardy souls even under torrid conditions

  7. Spectacular 4th of July fireworks.

  8. A benefit family fun time emceed by Mike Ippolito.

  9. The annual Fire Barn Open House on July 5th offering hot dogs and watermelon!

  10. Two dinner dances sponsored by the Golf Committee.

  11. An extraordinary Frye Island Talent Show

  12. A Labor Day Weekend Tennis Tournament

  13. The Hackers vs. The Firecrackers Softball Game

  14. Halloween Open House and Costume Contest

  15. Pot Luck and Barn Dance sponsored by the Fire Department

In addition, community-wide events included weekly Bingo, monthly Book Club meetings, ceramics classes, Garden Club potluck dinners with speakers, weekly Artistic Adults meetings, Wednesday soccer games and Sunday afternoon softball.

The Recreation Program under the direction of Sarah Wolcheski included Toddler Time for ages 0-3, Small Frye for ages 4-6, Open Community Center for ages 7-12, Kidís Blimpo (Bingo), Family movie night, Club Frye for ages 14-17, family recreation time, a family Kite Festival, and  swim lessons.

Adult education offered four classes: Red Cross Basic First Aid, Red Cross CPR, stained glass, and Nathaniel Hawthorn in local history.  Two of the classes (Red Cross CPR and First Aid) were cancelled for lack of participation.  The search for educational opportunities that will interest Frye Islanders is still elusive.  Suggestions are always welcome.

Courses were also held concerning boat safety and golf cart operation.

A constant concern of the Recreation Commission has been the cleanliness of the Community Center.  The costs of professional cleaning seem prohibitive so the Commission sponsored two clean-up days during the year.   The Center looks better now but the Commission recommends that a professional cleaning be done at the beginning of the season and scheduled maintenance done. 

In review, we on the Commission feel we have made a good start and look forward to the 2004 season under the leadership of Annie Charrette.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy and Phil Perry, Chairs

Posted: 10/21/2003