Results of the 1999 Frye Island Community Survey

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The Town of Frye Island is required by Maine law to develop a Comprehensive Plan for future development. This responsibility was given to the Town of Frye Island Planning Board. In 1999 the Planning Board commissioned a survey of Frye Island residents to better understand the demographics of Frye Island and the priorities of its residents as development of the Island continues. Over 55% of residents submitted a response to the survey. Lack of a submittal by the other 45% causes a few minor omissions (such as no residents being shown for a state where FI residents do live in the winter) but does not change the general perspective gained from reading the survey results. 

The results of the survey are shown and summarized below. Not every resident responded to every question, nor were all answers complete. This results in some minor internal mathematical inconsistency in some of the final results. These inconsistencies alter any single result by no more than a percentage point or two, so all submitted responses are included for completeness. Written opinions and comments were also solicited in the survey and the answers are shown here. To improve readability, in some cases I have collected together highly similar comments into a general comment that summarizes the intent of the individual comments. For example, multiple comments stating in different ways that there is concern about high property taxes are grouped under a single Concern entitled “Property Taxes.” 

The survey data shows that (Q 41) a majority of respondents are seasonal residents as opposed to weekend/vacation residents. This may skew responses to questions such as Q42 (time spent on the island). It is likely that residents who did not respond at all probably spend less time on Frye Island than those who did respond. 

The survey results show both the broad diversity of Frye Island residents as well as their overwhelming support for maintaining the natural setting that attracted us all to Frye Island in the first place. 

The survey results are being placed on the Frye Island Web Site, and copies of the results will be available immediately in the Town Office. We will mail a copy of the results to any resident who requests a copy, and we will advertise this procedure in the FINS. 

The Planning Board will be using the survey results as guidance as it develops Land Use Plans and an initial Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Frye Island. 

C. David Decker, Interim Town Manager 
June 1, 2000.

Posted:  12/30/00 - Town of Frye Island

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